Weekend Sale: Gaming variety to discover, up to 80% off

Ahh, Friday finally! The weekend is upon us and we have a variety of deals to keep you busy while you enjoy the well-deserved rest.
First, how about Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don’t Dry (-25%), last year’s big come back of the most famous video games (failed) seducer. The game takes Larry from the end of the ’80s into the 21st century where he’s set to date his way across the modern world.
Want to jump even further beyond 21st century - Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition (-66%), the passion project inspired by classics like Star Control, Master of Orion, X-COM or FTL, is a highly addictive sci-fi space RPG with strategy elements.
You can always start your own Artificial Life experiments in the Creatures series (-70%), hack your way to ensure justice is met in Mainlining (-80%), or if you’re in the mood of destruction justest the world on fire in RIOT - Civil Unrest (-15%).
The Weekend Sale ends on April 22, 10 PM UTC.

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