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I noticed on the menu that it doesn't boot up like a Super NES cartridge and the into to both games is missing as well as the controls are reported to not be the same as the console versions nor can they be altered...

On Steam Sega let gamers buying the collection get the ROMs DRM Free. A pity it isn't here as well with these 2 games...

Still I'll enjoy them.
Considering Disney handled this release and that the ROMs from the Aladdin/The Lion King collection can similarly be extracted, I am guessing this is also possible.
Disney is one of the kindest companies when it comes to being consumer-friendly with their games, between these GOG releases of old Disney and Lucasfilm games.

The same can't be said about their films, though, especially when they compromise their morals to bow down to China, keep gobbling up companies and screwing over the public domain laws.
Requires a bit of work, according to this post:

It should be possible to extract the game through command terminals such as CMD or Ubuntu's terminal, but I don't have the game to test.

If someone wants to try, just need to modify the commands from this repository to match that of the game, then do what the repository asks for each OS (adapting the steps, since it the method was made for another game):
The commands from the bat file are for Windows, and the commands in the Linux part are for Linux.
The skip values are where the ROMs start (e.g. 1B0894C for Zombies Ate My Neighbours), but converted to bytes.
The count values are where the ROMs end (e.g. 1C0894B for ZAMN), but also converted to bytes.
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