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It looks like the Linux version of Orc Schism is at least one version behind the base game in the Linux downloads. Anyone have any luck either patching it or downgrading the base game to get version parity?
You probably just need to apply the latest patch.
StevenPeeler: You probably just need to apply the latest patch.
Problem is, the download for the base Linux client installer is 1.20.0 and the Linux DLC installer is 1.19.0. Installing the 1.19 DLC pack breaks the current Linux base game.
Did this ever get resolved? I am currently experiencing the same issue. I just bought Orc Schism and after installing it, my game is broken on Linux. Is there some kind of workaround or newer patch for Orc Schism that isn't on GoG?

It looks like the base game is at 1.021 and the expansion is at 1.019 for Linux on GoG. Mac and Windows appear to be fine.
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Our patches patch both the base game and the expansion. So if you have a mismatch in all likelihood you just to need to install the latest patch (which right now is 1.021).