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I'm so excited that they put this game on GOG. That means its only a matter of time before we get Pharaoh and Cleopatra. I have been waiting for that game for what feels like forever. I have the game on CD still, but I can't get it to run on any of my new computers.
Don't forget Emperor, too. :)

Yeah, I'm glad to see they haven't forgotten about the Impressions city builders.
Pharaoh and Emperor would make gog complete for me, absolute classic games.
yes, give me my pharaoh and I will be content. (actually if I had to chose any two games in the word to have, it would be Diablo2 and pharaoh Cleopatra, they take care of all my gaming needs, most of the time)
I have been waiting and hoping for this game to come up on GOG for ages now, I bought it on disk years ago but somehow missed the Poseidon expansion and was never able to lay my hands on a copy. Also a lot of my disks for my old favourites of that era are now all scratched up, or I lost the manual with the key code etc etc.... a scenario that I am sure is familiar to other aging gamers :D

So thanks to GOG for getting this game (plus expansion :D ) in your catalogue, much appreciated.
Wish granted. I am a happy man.

Suspect Emperor might not be to far off?
I hope there will be a slight delay before Emperor,. It will take me a tons of time to build everything in ancient Egypt and Greece. Now imagine the huge China..
What there is another game I didn't even know about? :p It thought C3, Pharaoh and Zeus were all of them.
yes:]. From ancient China, check few pictures here