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It's $9.99 now. What's the chance it will go on sale soon ?
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I am not sure if it will go on sale soon,but why don't you wait at least until christmass or when a winter sale shows up which would be soon.
Anyway i bought it for 2.99 eu in 2015 oct 5.Now you decide if you need the game now or want to play other games in the meantime and then buy this game when it goes on sale.
Posting the same thing 3 times isn't very useful. The game does go on sale regularly enough, but you can always buy the bundle that includes all 4 games (Caesar 3, Pharaoh, Zeus and Emperor) which will be an overall cost saving if you want them all.

Otherwise, I recommend either waiting for a sale, or just buying at the price given.
Its usually included in the builders bundle for most sales at 50 or 80% off. Next chance would be the Christmas sale for 2017.
firexed: It's $9.99 now. What's the chance it will go on sale soon ?
And here it is...