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Has anyone else tried playing a windowed game of Zeus and Poseidon on a second screen? Whenever I drag the window to the right and into the extended desktop, the panning for the game gets stuck in that direction. I end up staring at the right edge of the map. I can kind of move slowly to the left if I hold the left arrow down, but as soon as I let go, the map pans back to the right edge.

I have the game installed on a 64-bit Windows 7 laptop. I have no problem playing the Zeus portion of the game on the main screen, but I would like to use the bigger display of the external screen.
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Have you tried any compatibility options? The ones that are under the Settings group. If all else fails, there are utilities that help you control on what screen a particular program starts.
Try Windowed Mode with DXWnd

Windowed mode via DXWnd allows you to bypass some rules:
- removes the window frame, which is so annoying for many in Windowed mode;
- you can drag the Game window to another monitor (the mouse will not stop working);
- bypass "noWindowed" bug in widescreen patches;
- bypass Color Rendering NOT 16bit for Windows7;
- (perhaps bypass Scaling is NOT 100% ;)
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