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I'm considering buying the game on GOG once they've fixed it but this thread can be used the discuss any patch delays for the GOG release.

Patch notes on Steam forum:
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Requested refund for this horribly buggy game - perhaps the worst I've had in years purchasing a game on-line. Do not waste further time on it.
I've brought the fact we haven't heard anything for GOG over on Steam. The NISA damage control team seems to be checking posts over there only. At this rate, if they don't fix the minimap and flickering, I'm just going to get a refund and buy the Switch version. Even if the FPS on the Switch is 30 (unconfirmed rumor?), I'd rather have something that works and is portable than this PoS. And if the Switch version doesn't work, I'll just refund that... which makes me sad, but meh.
It's likely that NISA want to wait for the first set of patches to be made available on Steam first before making them on GOG. They probably figured that it will be easier to manage one site of patches at a time instead of both Steam and GOG.
Seems like the patch is now out. I imagine it's likely the same as the one as on Steam.

Hopefully one will come along and fix the minimap.
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