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Here is a link to where Durante recently said that he/NISA won't add Achievements to the GOG version of Ys VIII:

Durante's words:

"The GoG version has been updated with everything from the Steam update, including coop (which you can use by directly launching the exe). The texture pack will follow soon. However, at this point, Galaxy achievements are not planned for it".
So, this means that unless NISA reverses its unjust decision in this regard, then GOG customers will continue forever to be treated like second-class citizens by NISA, in terms of this Ys VIII game.

Durante clearly knows how to make Galaxy Achievements work, because he did it with CS1 and CS2 (which weren't from NISA), and he also (thankfully, in welcome news for a change) promised to do it for CS3 (which is from NISA).

So, if we read between the lines of the quoted statement above, then it seems that Durante won't add Achievements for Ys VIII because NISA refuses to cough up a few extra bucks to pay him for a few hours of his time (I don't know exactly how long it takes to add Galaxy Achievements, but it's surely not that long) to add Galaxy Achievements to Ys VIII.

But that's an inherently unjust decision on NISA's part, because they are privileging their Steam customers above their GOG customers, even though GOG customers have been buying the game for the same price (it's not like NISA gives GOG customers an inherent discount on the game as a result of it missing the Achievement feature on GOG).

I hope many GOG customers in addition to myself will complain about this issue, so that NISA will hopefully change their bad decision to treat us unfairly, and instead agree to pay the relatively small cost it would take to add Galaxy Achievements to Ys VIII.

Speaking for myself, due to this feature disparity with the GOG version, I am probably going to wait a real long time into the future before I buy Ys VIII, and probably only after it hits 80%+ discounts or more.

But I would have bought it at full price, or near full price, if there was no feature disparity. I can't be the only one who feels that way.

So if NISA decides to do the right thing, then it would be in their best interest just as much as their GOG customers, because they would sell more copies of the game, and at higher prices, then they otherwise will if they continue to double-down and stick with the decision to treat GOG customers like second-class citizens.
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Nisa told me on Discord that they would support their games with achievements for Galaxy and that didn't happen with The Alliance Alive HD Remastered.

If I were you,I wouldn't trust them
Ancient-Red-Dragon: snp
Hey thanks for posting all this, very informative.

I have just purchased ys viii during the luanr sale and right now (at the moment I'm posting this) I was checking the steam storepage (due to my habit of being not fucked over a borked release GOG wise), and noticed both the HD textures and Coop mode.

Now, while the GOG changelog says that they added HD textures, I have yet to see an offline installer for them, and I'm questioning if the changelog was just a copy/paste from the steam version, or if they are solely installed through galaxy (I still WANT an offline installer for them).

Now, as far coop mode goes, is it official that it's enabled on GOG? Because the steam news says to add a command line, and I also wonder if the same applies for offline installers too.

As for the achievement, that's a load of BS on NISA side: what the actual damn are they thinking? I still don't understand why every console and steam gets achievements, yet the GOG doesn't, it makes no sense.

Should we mail NISA about this BS?