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I don't know if this is the right place to report bugs, but here it goes.

In Ys VI (fully updated), in the Ruined City of Kishgal, in the room before the platform that goes down to the "Midpoint" save point, something happens. If the magic meter of Adol's abilities is full, when entering that room it will look empty (switching swords will still make it look empty unless you don't have the magic metter of one of them full). You can use the abilities even it the meter looks empty (but it really isn't). If the magic meter filling animation of one ability happens inside the room, everything will look correctly from that point until you reenter the room.

For example, if you have abilities 1 and 2 full and 3 charging outside of the room, and you enter it with ability 1 displaying, this will happen when you keep switching them two cycles:

Empty (fake) -> Empty (fake) -> Charging -> Full -> Full -> Charging.

Aside from that, I once got stuck in the air in the Limewater Cave, when I was either dropping or jumping (I don't remember) from the platform in this screenshot (it's a stereoscopic screenshot):

I could rotate Adol, but he remained in the air and in that position. Thankfully, the Wing of Alma saved me and I could teleport to a save point.

Third topic. The Wing of Alma teleports you to the save points, but teleporting to the Lake in the Limewater Cave puts you pretty far from the same point (and ahead of it. I was disoriented the first time I did it). Is it intentional?