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Hello all, I am trying to play YS Origin and every so often when I walk through a door it will freeze up for a min or 2 then continue playing like normal but I was working through it since it didn't happen very often. Now I get to the Velagunder boss fight, It froze but then crashed on me completely and sent me back to the desktop. It only happened the one time and I was able to battle the boss the second time with no issues but I am wondering if there are any patches or ways to stop these problems for the remainder of the game?

* On Windows 7
* Using the GoG Galaxy Client 1.1.27
* Using High Def Specs in the game settings (lowering it didn't help)
* CPU = AMD FX(tm)-8150 Eight-Core 3.6 GHz
* GPU = Radeon HD 7900 Series 4 Gigs
* Ram = 8 gigs
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