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Hi, i was playing Ys I lately, and i had this weird problem: when i approched the roda tree, i think theres supposed to be a cutscen, but for some reason the game only gives me an error that it couldnt load a file, and then the game returns to normal! I am afraid that other cutscenes later in game can be affected by this...
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Hopefully you fixed it by now, in case not: I think you are right that you are missing a cutscene. I see the installed game has 12 files matching ys_roda*.dat in the release directory (plus 7 other .dat files), I'm guessing it is one of those that has an issue. If using the standalone installer, I suggest uninstalling the game, removing the Ys I directory entirely if it doesn't get fully removed by the uninstaller, make sure you have twice the disk space that the installer claims to need (for some reason the disk space estimation doesn't cover some temporary files) and then reinstall. Maybe copy the installer to your main drive before installing if you installed from an external drive since sometimes that can cause trouble. I'm not sure what to try if you use Galaxy other than to try the standalone installer; it should still work with Galaxy once installed. The saves are in a different directory (under your user home directory "Saved Games"\FALCOM\ys12c) so you can back up that directory first if you want to make sure it is ok.
Usually Ys I and II does not display the videos and then an error is displayed. For all those with this error I suggest this:

Videos will play smoothly with K-Lite Codec Pack! =) The error is related to the lack of some video codecs.
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