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On a different post in this forum, someone mentioned their 360 controller issues with the cursor constantly scrolling up or down. I recently got the Ys series, and was trying to play with my DS4 wired in, and I got the same result.

While I haven't found a solution, I did see in the configuration windows in the controller input tab that the default dead zone input for the controller was all the way to the top right. Moving the dead zone cursor all the way to the left put the cursor back in the center of the field, and moving the control stick seemed to give 1:1 accurate input mapping.

I thought this would fix the issue, but the same exact issue persisted.

I've heard some drivers, at least for a 360 controller, could fix that issue, but I don't know if one exist for the DS4, or whether it's dependent on having the DS4 wireless usb dongle as opposed to wired input.

I'm only bringing this up because I don't have any idea what seems to be causing this, and why the dead zone management does nothing to affect the control. I'd just thought I'd bring it up in case others have easily fixed this problem for themselves before.
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