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Hi fellow gamers...

Just installed Y's Oath in Falghana, and noticed it contained NO voice acting compared to PC versions shown in Youtube.

I decided to check around and found a patch (two actually, one english & one japanese), and installed it, but it doesn't do anything to my knowledge (Fighting Durnam (spelling?)) in the first quest in the quarry is supposed to have voice acting but doesn't.

Has anyone ever been able to use the voice acting patch (not really a patch since it doesn't replace anything, just adds the voices).

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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Turns out it's working after all, just not Durnam or Durnan. So, for those who want the file, just google voice acting english (or japanese) Y's Oath in Felghana, and the download file is 73MB .7z file.

The instructions are inside the zip.

The voice acting is actually ripped from the PSP version. The PC version never had voiceovers.
Are those patches legit? Could you share them? Do the patch still work nicely?

So many questions... I know!

duapruis: Are those patches legit? Could you share them? Do the patch still work nicely?

So many questions... I know!

Hi, sorry for the delay, I haven't played it much since the my OP.

Are these patch legit? Good question. I use them, but I'm not sure if they're <legal> per se.

It worked flawlessly for the time I played the game (my game backlog is too large! (good issue :-)), I sometimes switch before finishing a game).

I won't provide a link as I'm not sure they're legit or not (or even allowed in these forums, I don't visit often). Do the search detailed in the OP and it's one of the first links found in the search result.

Good luck.
I'm glad there isn't any voice acting! Not having to hear poor voice actors try to choke out the laughably bad dialogue in these games makes me very happy.

Ys 3's original voice acting did have a rather adorable quality in just how bad it was, though. :)
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