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Changelog for Update (added 14 September 2017):

-Fixed an issue that caused computers with certain locales to crash when saving progress or loading a save
-2560x1440 and 3840x2160 resolution support added
-Mouse cursor now disappears when a gamepad is connected
-Players may now switch characters while using EXTRA skills
-Fixed an issue where certain controllers could not use Guard or Skills by default
-Cleaned up some graphical issues in the UI.
-Added safety measures to prevent the game from being flagged by certain antivirus programs
-The game will now pre-compile shaders on lower end computers.
-The EXTRA skill gauge will no longer occasionally empty when no EXTRA skill is used
-The Item menu now opens when it shares the same button assignment as Cancel
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Changelog for Update Update (added 28 September 2017):

- Fixed an issue where some bosses behave differently in 60FPS mode.
- Fixed a crash bug that can be triggered by mashing the confirm button when returning to the title screen.
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Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

Changelog for Patch GOG-2 (added 18 April 2018):

- Fixes an issue where a map or two that should not have been possible to warp from, can no longer be warped from.
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Ys: Memories of Celceta

Changelog for Patch (added 31 July 2018):

* Flash guard can now be performed multiple times in quick succession
* Button prompts for mouse buttons now appear correctly when remapped
* Flash guard can now be performed immediately after swimming
* Modified installation dependencies to fix a launching issue for some users