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I am trying to play this game... The game has localization support for my language directly accessible from menu...
However, my locale keyboard layout is NOT WASD (french, Q-A and Z-W are inverted)

I i found an option for rebinding keys within the game settings menu... but it seems to not register the changes...
not a problem on its own, or it wouldnt be...

The game were not unexpectedly ignore/block my language bar hotkey on windows that allows me to switch from one layout to another (usually i only use it to switch between french and english layout exactly for such kind of situation: not bothering rebind keys in a game, or when games cannot have keys rebound)

So is there a way (other than entirely uninstalling my own local keyboard layout from windows first before launching the game... and then set things up back to how they were for every other freakin days of use of my computer once i'm done playing the game) ?

Like command line parameters, workaround, whatever ?

Thanks you

My main issue being why the game distrupt / prevent my Language Bar and hotkeys to work

(game has controller support though... so... still a workaround, i'd say)
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