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I cannot look up and down (and all around) with the mouse and using keyboard keys to look up and down doesn't make the game fun.

Has anyone found a workaround?

Is the mouse working inside the game menu?
Invisibalist: Is the mouse working inside the game menu?
Same prob
Menu ok after patch
on game mouse not working to LOOK
Use the XIII All-In-One Installer with the game and make sure you have mouselook set to "Yes" in "controls > look options".
I have the same problem.
If you know about settings it's like the MouseLook setting is set to False but when I look in the settings it is set to True.
I've tried patching with unofficial patches (with XIII ALL-InOne-Installer) and I've tried (because of a suggestion i found) turning down my mouses polling rate to 250Hz, neither worked.
In game it's like one of those old school shooters from even before this one where you could only use the keyboard keys to look around.
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