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I installed the game at first in spanish, then tried to reinstall the game again in english, the menu, and U.I. are all in english but the actual voice acting/voices of the characters are still in spanish.

I've already tried everything, editing multiple .ini files in game's root folder, disabling cloud saves, creating a different profile, starting a new game instead of continuing my save, deleting my save and my configuration files, reinstalling the game (as I've already mentioned), I've even attemped to install the unofficial patch recommended by the but nothing works, the game doesn't change the voice of the characters to the english language.

I was hoping someone could offer me some help or, alternatively use this post as a way to perhaps report this issue to gog.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I found a solution!

I disabled the cloud saving from GOG galaxy and then proceeded to delete the entire contents of


Inside this folder there were the profiles and save files of the game, so unless you're not willing to lose your entire progress in order to restart the game with a different vo language DON'T DO THIS.

It's strange this worked because I had uninstalled the game whilst checking the option that GOG galaxy offers in regards to deleting save files and config files besides uninstalling the game, but I never really checked the actual game installation folders in order to see if there had been any changes.

Either way...

This is what worked for me, hope it helps someone out there.
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I write this so you don't feel your message was in vain. Thank you very much for your post (or I should say "Muchas gracias!" since probably we both are Spanish speakers). I have the same issue, although I got the game from Steam (but it is GOG's version). Last night I wanted to play and could only solve how to make it run in windowed mode, as it crashed on startup. Then I got the language issue and I was too tired to even look for a solution.

I'll try your method and post an update about the results.


It worked like a charm, thank you!
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