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If I go up to a dead body I should be able to pick it up I understand. In a few spots in the game I could, but now I'm further along on a mission where I need to hide bodies and I can't pick them up anymore. I've tried all sorts of things, crouching, hitting all manner of keys, the action that allows you to pick up bodies is not coming up. By default it's "E" I think. Any ideas?

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit.

Edit: Doh, would you believe I JUST figured it out right after posting this? You need a pistol selected to lift bodies, a two handed weapon won't let you pick them up. Would be nice if the manual mentioned that. :-P
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I wasn't able to find out how to pick up bodies either. What I did instead was to just not kill anyone and go directly to the "destination".
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You should be able to do it be standing over them, looking down and pressing "E" (like you said). Don't bother crouching, you can't do it unless you're standing up all the way. Don't know what to tell you other than that.

EDIT: I also just figured out that you can't pick up a body if you're using a 2-handed weapon. So no crossbows, assault rifles, etc. If you want to pick up a body, equip a handgun, minigun, or a throwing knife. I'm sure there are others I can't think of right now.
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