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First crash was while I was on the Geosphere.
Before I crashed out. Had one error message about base being too close. Think that might have caused the first crash. If there was a base near the one I put in Africa I wasn't able to see it. It's possible. All my bases disappeared for a while. Since the main base is in Greenland and the first base I added was in Alberta Canada. Those were not the problems, though both of them ended up being invisible for a while. Not sure exactly how I convinced them to reappear. The speed controls under the Geosphere also disappeared. Made actually trying to play hard until they came back.

One other thing. If they ever try to run an airline, I'm not flying with them. They have no idea how far their planes can go before they are short on fuel. Really guys. I'm sure the Americans, the Russians, the French, the Chinese, etc airforce fighter planes have a known maximum flght range. Each air base has a radar with a known distance. Why can't they figure out how far their planes can go before turning back to base.

Second try I actually shot down two UFOs. It must have been winter because the whole area was frozen and snowy. Oh, and I had two bases and three interceptors. Got the first interceptor shot full of holes, but that base had the second so I went after him again.
The first weird thing was one of my soldiers got shot. Actually I think he was stunned. The med packs didn't work well and since the base is short on hospitals the put him in the warehouse. I could sell the stunned soldier but the price was really low. The lack of a medical facility meant that I had two dead soldiers, three with some wounds (two were badly hurt), and the stunned guy. I had to hunt down the three wounded soldiers and order them back to bed. Seems they wanted to go out again and get killed. Both had less than 5 hp left.
Actually the stunned soldier was the only really weird thing in the whole combat session. The dead aliens had gear and bodies which I assume I could take. Didn't test to see if I could use their weapons, but they weren't very good with them anyways.
They shot and killed the first soldier who I used to open the door of the downed space ship. Then I sent another in to kill that first alien, but the ship still had 4 more aliens, plust all the five or six I killed out in the bushes. Don't like that to open a door you have to enter the room and then get shot. I assume armour and other things will show up someday.

So Crash number two occurred when I was getting ready to try and send my second team out to do that mission. Again, not that clear on the details. I was either trying to get the teams plane back to base, or flying it out to norhern Russia. Never got to the second downed alien craft.

One last comment. It's nice I can rename the bases. The First one went from from North America to Canada just fine but the second one which was Soviet Union ended up being SouthCentralRussia. That sounds more like a German name. I think the Russians have learned how to put word spaces in the names. Even the Germans who love run on words can put in word spaces. Unfortunately Xenonauts can't. It's not the only game I've found with that problem too.

Most of the rest of the game seemed too work okay. Captured alien gear and bodies could be assigned to the research department. Not sure why they didn't want the stunned soldier.

I'll probably play it through a couple more times and see if anything else shows up. I'm sure there were problems that I overlooked. LIke assigning the soldiers to the eight spots on the plane. That was odd. At least when the plane arrived the right eight soldiers were on it.

Okay. I try again from save.

Two enemy bogeys on the ground. This time I attacked the other one.

Actually captured a really dumb alien. When I shot him he dropped his weapon. Guess he didn't have a spare, didn't try to grab another. Not that he would have survived, but he just stood there looking around.

Only seven Aliens in this small ship. Six were wandering around lost in the woods. I killed five and 'captured' the sixth. He was alive when I got the last alien in the ship, but 'died' for some top secret reason before we got the loot count. Since the aliens got a shot on one of my soldiers, this time I was able to use the med kits. They do work.

Game crashed when the teams aircraft arrived back at the main base. Please tell the flight maintence crew they are supposed to open the doors before the plane crashes into them. As a result I didn't get to go after the second bunch of aliens which are on the ground.

I may play it through again or I may wait for the next build. Not sure if the ending was as planned or a real honest to badness crash. Would be nice if you can make up a piece of art with an alien holding a sign saying "We'll beat you next time." That way we know if we've run out of game.