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Hi folks, been way to long for an update.

We're now on v11.3 The radical overhaul to the strategy layer (i.e. reversions from previous system to X1 systems) toko up pretty much the second half of last year. Version 10 was basically a bug fix build - there wasn't anything realy new about it. Version 11 is where we actually see more interseting things. We can has robutts now! The MARS scout robot is cool and funky. Currently you can kit it out with any of the weapons available to sqauddies but Chris has said that's going to change. I rather like zipping around with my shotgun bot.

The second big change i the introduction of modular armour. This isn't the usual type of modular armour, wher you can cho and change different armour pieces. Rather, you have a basi uit if armour and you can attach modules to it, so really more like armour enhancements. There's not a lot to see at the moment, I expect to see more meat on the bones in the future, though!

The third change are changes to the strategy layer. Someting that's currently being trialled are Orbital Bombardments. Every (currently) 10 days, the aliens bomb a city, causing damage to your relations with that section of the planet.It's not as bad as it sounds, they bomb the region with the highest relations score, but we'll see happens with that. You can now also buy a signal uplink. Signal uplinks increase relationship scores wit regions, and are presented as strategic operations (so you have to go and send troops to do them).

Anyway, that's all for now, hopefully v12 will be end of next month, so I'll try and get something out by then!
I am still looking how things are going to this day. Not in much of a hurry, but Xenonauts did provide what Firaxis reboots sorely lacked.