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BUT, why no random/even random - lite maps? I've read, that the spawn points change on the non-changing maps and maybe that's good enough but then again time will tell.

I hope they sell enough to at least break even.
CatGog2017: BUT, why no random/even random - lite maps?
I do not own X2 yet, but If this is a question and not just an assessment-opinion in the form of a question, the answer appears to be here: - quoting the developer:

Randomised maps are fully supported by our map editor (and were in Xenonauts 1 too), but in general the final maps produced don't look right. You can see this in Xenonauts 1 where modders and mappers tried to make random maps and the only ones that worked fairly well were randomised wilderness areas like forests. Any real world areas that contain man-made areas are constructed logically by humans and it's very obvious to a player when that coherence is missing.

Some maps can support a degree of randomisation fine, for example the town maps you see in terror missions have consistently-sized "blocks" where theoretically an office could be replaced with a shop of similar dimensions to give some randomisation. But this doesn't allow full randomisation, as for example the gas station building can't be placed where you would place an office because that needs extra road connectors to allow cars to enter the gas station. This is an example of human logic - people would notice if a gas station spawned and there were no gaps in the pavement to access it, because it looks wrong. This is where random maps usually fall down and the better the graphics in the game are, the worse the problem is.

The reason we don't do stuff like the office / shop swapping is because then you could randomly get a map generated where every building is an office - instead, I designate a particular space as being an office or a restaurant or whatever and there's usually 2-3 somewhat different layout variants of that building the game can pick. This is just personal choice; I'd rather have to create more static maps than risk any map being able to generate a version of itself that looks dumb.
Plus the next post by the developer:

The map variation is something we'll be looking at in Early Access, the goal for the Early Access launch is simply to have enough maps that people can do one or two playthroughs of the campaign without encountering many map repeats. I think we're on track for that (at least if we can get the script that handles it working properly).
Anyway, yeah, I suspect we'll end up introducing more randomisation in Early Access - but I do think you'll end up with worse maps as a result, so I'll be wanting to keep them seperated from the normal maps so that only the heavy users end up seeing them.
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