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So, been playing for a while and it dawned on me: Why does the shock baton take up a 2x3 slot? that makes NO sense.

The default and Laser pistol should be changed to take up a 2x2 slot, not a 2x3 - Makes no sense.
I don't see how that is balanced as it is now... just lazy coding...

If someone knows how to change these values, please tell me so i can make a rather simple "mod" of sorts that only changes their sizes.
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im thinking that the shock batons was made that size to reflect the
awkwardness of having to carry it around outside of having it in your hands
thats just my opinion though

not to mention the probable desire to limit how much a person can carry to prevent a monty haul situation
of your soldiers carrying 6 weapons with several units of ammo for each, a dozen medkits/grenades , etc...,
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I don't agree with the dimensions of the stunbaton myself. So I figured I'd go ahead and change it as well. (Why not, I'm pretty much changing everything else.) So I just changed the "slotsizey" from 2 to 1. Not satisfied with that I changed the "slotsizex" from 3 to 4. The stunbaton looked a little short to me. After all you're poking an alien with a stick. It might get angry. (RIP Steve.) There you go all set. Easy wasn't it?

Now for the long version. First, I have a vanilla version of the game as backup. I mod/edit the XCE version. Inside the Xenonauts folder open the assets folder and find the weapons.xml file. I open it with Notepad++. Near the top you will find a breakdown of what lines represent what for each item. Starting with "name". You'll see there that "slotsizex" is 10 lines down from "name" and "slotsizey" is just under that. Use search to find weapon.grenade.shockbaton. 10 lines under that you will see a line that contains the number "3" and under it "2". That's your width and height. For the OP just change the 2 to a 1. Save and you're done.

For me that wasn't enough because now the pic looked too small. So I went into the weapons folder and found the stunbaton pic in the misc folder and used a paint program to crop and enlarge/stretch the pic till it looked the right size. A little fuzzy but it'll do for now.

As for the pistols I'd leave them as they are, they're fine. Once you learn how to change things in a game it becomes both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing when you change something you really don't like. It's a curse when you don't know when to stop changing things. It is fun though. Sometimes more fun than actually playing the game.
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