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trained soldiers only need a glance to catch "something unusual and suspicious" at the corner of their eye.
Is there a mod that sets turning to incur 0 action points?
Or sets 90% turns from last direction to be free of action points.
And turning backwards to cost 1 action point, as normal.

trained soldiers at corners of walls should be able to peer around the corner without exposing themselves.
Is there a mod that increases the visibility around corners down the line of the corner?
There's nothing more breaking than setting a soldier at a corner for a reaction fire,
then an enemy step out of the corner and kill the soldier.

trained pilots would land the transport with the eyes open.
Squares in the vicinity of the transport should be visible.
I shouldn't need to walk my soldiers around the transport to reveal the squares around the transport.

trained soldiers are aware of their immediate vicinity.
All squares immediately, or two squares away, from the soldier should be visible.
The square I turn away from shouldn't simply be unrevealed.
Post edited September 28, 2018 by kuertee