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Firstly, NEWER research Tasoth Commander.

Then, you need to remember to have some stuff stored before researching the tech prior to this item.
You need a MC-Reader before researching MC-Lab, or else no MC-Disruptor
You need SUB Construction before researching Transmission resolver.
You need a Deep One Terrorist before you Research Ion Beam Accelerator.

Remember to research a Lobster Man Navigator before you research Magnetic Navigation.

Then there is a string of tech to keep in order to obtain all the armors.
Deep one corpse --> Aqua plastic --> Plastic aqua armor --> Ion beam accelerator (Remember to have a Deep one terrorist alive before researching Ion Beam Accelerator) --> Levende deep one terrorist --> Ion armor --> Lobsterman navigator --> Magnetic navigation --> Magnetic Ion armor.

That should cover the bugs. Enjoy
TFTD earned its own page for this material on the OpenXCom wiki: describes the various dead ends in more detail.
While this information is readily available on several locations online, this brief overview is very useful indeed.
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I'm fairly certain the version GOG was provided is not affected by this bug; to the further point, OpenXcom indeed doesn't have this dead end.