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high rated
First, thanks for bringing this game to the DRM-free world.

Second, since I use Linux as a my daily driver and there already exists a Linux port of XCOM 2, are there plans/considerations to bring this port to Linux as well?
It would not be the first game to get Linux support down the line (Battletech, I'm looking at you), but in this case it already exists. Or is there some licensing/legal reason why it's not possible?

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The Linux version is on Steam on day one. Unfortunately on GOG it's for Woendows only. It would be great to have the Linux version on GOG too. Don't left behind GOG, you are better!
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This really sucks gog does not have the linux version at all. I really dont want to buy games on steam anymore....
This is a total rip-off without Linux support. Had I known it lacked this, I would never have coughed up the cash to buy it.

I did not even check the system requirements because I had already seen them on Steam. Please fix this at some point GoG. We rely upon you for Good Games.
+ 1 for the Linux native version.
Go bitch to Feral Interactive - they hold the rights to the Linux version
Another +1 for the Linux version. However, it you really want this be sure to give it a +1 on the Community wish list.

It isn't practical or productive to "bitch to Feral Interactive" since we have no idea exactly why GOG didn't include the Linux edition. It may have nothing to do with Feral Interactive. Some communication from GOG on this would be great.
Nice discount – but still no Linux version here...
Agreed, we need the Linux version here !
This stopped me buying it :(
After few years :) I just finished xcom and looking for xcom2 but no version for linux :/ on gog. Hope will be available soon.