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I installed XCOM 2 a couple weeks ago. It worked perfect for the first 5 hours of the campaign. Yesterday decided to install the Long War 2 Overhaul mod and immediately, my game started acting funny with screen lagging/ stuttering and horrible buzzing noises that sounded like a driver error coming through my speakers. It would get so bad that the game would become unresponsive and required a force shutdown.
I've updated all my AMD drivers for both my GPU and CPU chipset to the latest.
I did a completely fresh install of the Vanilla version of XCOM 2.
I've ran the game as Administrator.
Disabled Windows/Xbox overlay and game recorder.
Checked my GPU and CPU temperatures with MSI Afterburner and the both hover in between 50C and 60C area while in game.
I've unplugged all my USB peripherals except mouse and keyboard while playing.
Tried the fresh vanilla install while connected to the internet and while disconnected from the internet.
Tried verifying and repairing game through GOG Galaxy 2.0 client. So far nothing has worked.. The game acts like a memory leak, but my RAM stays stable while play the game. I can't figure this out! Someone please help me!

The lag and stuttering and buzzing noises make this game unplayable!
PC specs:
Gigagbyte Aorus X470 Gaming Wifi 7 motherboard
16 GBs of TridentZ DRAM at 3400MHz
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU
Windows 10 64bit 1909
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