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Not all mods are available outside Steam. Is there a way to download them form Steam? Is there a way to get mods in other wayt? Thanks.

try nexusmods
trekstar4444: try nexusmods
Some mods aren't available on nexusmods :(
Found! This site permit to download mods simply put steam URL of mods on downloader.

didnt say all mods were, lol. just trying to give an alternate source since you werent haveing luck with steam.
glad you got it working tho.

reedit, i read the wrong url, never mind

and im not sure if you know or not, so im going to say this: that is not from steam from i can tell. (tho it will have the files they offer it looks)
(if your aware or dont care, then disregard)
Post edited September 06, 2020 by trekstar4444