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Note: This beta version is available for Windows (Steam and GOG Galaxy) and Linux (Steam only).

Version 3.10 Beta 1 (394044) - 2020-04-07

Added mission to expand HQ if selected research requires excessive resources.
Removed Dal Busta dialog option after Split story is completed.
Changed New Game menu to show tutorials at top.
Improved balance and pricing of recruitable personnel on station docks.
Improved performance for games where player owns very large number of ships and stations.
Improved colour differentiation between racial Construction Vessel ships.
Improved storage capacity of Split mining ships.
Improved mastering of legacy music tracks.
Fixed certain hazardous regions giving massive numbers of crystal drops.
Fixed wrong faction sometimes being blamed when ships or stations are destroyed.
Fixed mining drones not launching to collect broken-down asteroids they had earlier marked for collection but didn't collect due to cancellation.
Fixed cases of defence drones docking before all are launched sometimes preventing any further defence drones from being launched.
Fixed male Split characters sometimes having female voices with Split Vendetta installed.
Fixed HQ laboratory being removed when reconfiguring station.
Fixed AI ships attacking indestructible objects indefinitely.
Fixed player account balance potentially going below zero.
Fixed being completely unable to manually dock Drill without docking software.
Fixed hatch on Gorgon closing too soon when leaving in spacesuit.
Fixed high loadout presets not favouring Docking Computer Mk2 if compatible.
Fixed Elephant sometimes being equipped with Spacesuit Scanner.
Fixed Raptor not being able to mount large missile turrets.
Fixed build times for station modules taking much longer than they should.
Fixed spacesuit oxygen replenishing after saving and loading.
Fixed certain drops being repelled by container magnet.
Fixed lasertowers deployed by player in Hatikvah mission not changing owner
Fixed wrong player-owned ship sometimes being destroyed during HQ story.
Fixed invulnerable ship during Split plot.
Fixed Dal Busta not offering Split story at HQ after player rejects story offer until save and reload.
Fixed Dal Busta not offering Paranid/Split storyline when starting from Accomplished Scientist gamestart.
Fixed Dal Busta calling to talk about multiple plot opportunities at same time.
Fixed signal leaks not being generated in Accomplished Scientist gamestart
Fixed Paranid plot mission Prophetic Mission stalling because of missing dock.
Fixed Paranid plot getting stuck at Remain Vigilant objective.
Fixed excessive delay between HQ plot related signal leaks if one was previously missed.
Fixed missing equipment for multiple factions when starting Paranid plot with older saves.
Fixed Paranid plot battle taking place in wrong sector under rare circumstances.
Fixed excessive ware amounts required for final stage of Paranid plot.
Fixed Fires of Defeat gamestart long-term mission getting stuck because of captured ships.
Fixed Hatikvah story getting stuck in rare situations during bomb-placing mission.
Fixed various missions being offered by incorrect faction.
Fixed player ship not coming to stop during certain cutscenes.
Fixed missions offered by NPCs on dock areas incorrectly appearing in Mission Offers menu.
Fixed mismatched ships and loadouts when editing shopping list entries in Ship Configuration menu.
Fixed missile turret capacities not being included in loadout information.
Fixed lasertower engines and weapons being shown in Encyclopedia.
Fixed missing option to delete incompatible saves in Load Game.
Fixed missing Dock Interactions menu in certain situations.
Fixed missing mouse picking on map after closing Mission Briefing in certain situations.
Fixed missing tabs in Property Owned menu in certain situations.
Fixed rectangular target elements being displayed in first person in certain situations.
Fixed further cases of NPCs not being targetable on platforms.
Fixed menu crash in Info menu in certain situations.
Fixed long but rare freeze on Map.
Fixed several cases of Split storage modules appearing offset in station build menu.
Fixed lower front windscreen not being transparent when looking from outside on Kestrel.
Fixed turret group assignment and position of some turrets on Rattlesnake, Monitor and Odysseus.
Fixed paint mods on Raptor not being aligned correctly.
Fixed Split flak turrets not using correct barrel geometry.
Fixed weapon positions on Mamba.
Fixed player logo not being properly visible on Monitor.
Fixed some missing voice recordings in German, French and Russian localisations.
Fixed engine sound problems under specific circumstances.
Fixed suspense music playing while on station.
Fixed graphical artefacts for AMD Navi GPUs (5600/5700).
Fixed rare problem with platform guidance causing performance to drop.
Fixed several causes of crashes.
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