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Like this patch released four days ago:
Version 3.00 HF1 (393143) - 2020-04-02
Still not available as offline installers here at GOG.

The weekend came inbetween.
Post edited April 06, 2020 by Themken
steve_v: When someone says "Release day is coming, get ready, hype hype", I expect to get the thing on the promised date, not broken downloads and a wall of silence. Enter GOG: No updated ETA, no explanation, nothing. Not even an official post on their own forum.
Truth to be told, EgoSoft did not keep silent on their forums.
I've contacted them directly and was given a response and later another one, so any inconvenience is strictly on GOG's side.

Just face it, GOG is a "so-so" store at best, not even honoring its own promises ("Galaxy will be optional" they said!) with a tech support going on a vacation on weekends, often without bothering uploading "released" games beforehand.
HF1 arrived. No patch for us but at least it is here as full files. Windows offline also online (eh).