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As title.

720-1080p on lowest settings is acceptable. Cpu graphics obviously.

Thanks for the info.
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It depends on whether it is underclocked or overclocked. The manufacturers set this and usually never inform us customers, who will find out one model is twice as fast as the next despite having the very same processor :-( Also, you should have RAM on both channels if you want to play games like the X games and PCs usually only come with a single RAM module installed.

If you already have the computer you can try to check how capable cooling and what power ceiling ("configurable TDP" in Intel speak) you have. Unless clocked down, I suspect all X3 games and earlier will work fine. Hopefully someone who has actually played X games on Tiger Lake (your CPU) or Ice Lake (previous gen) will come have a say but if I can play X3AP (nothing beyond that) on a much weaker GPU and CPU you should be able to too.

Demo for X3:Terran Conflict. The demo is only really useful or testing the GPU:

X:Rebirth should work based on listed minimum requirements but you absolutely need two RAM modules.

X4? I highly doubt you can even get the game to start.
Thanks for the info.

Anyone else that has this chip. Please tell us how well it functions!