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Good day! I updated the project adding some details and fixing some textures. This is the ultimate release, in the download page there are 2 versions:

- RTCW Venom Mod v6.8U: the standard for who use AMD gpu, android ports, QuestVR, it includes HD graphic pack, AI fixes and optional Thompson gun from E3 2001 demo;
-Nvidia pack shaders: this requires v6.8U to activate advanced surfaces on RTCW (from many years nvidia lost compatibility with old reflections of this game) and new effects.

Official site:

Common questions:

It's possible play it with vanilla difficulty?

Of course, in v6.8U you can find Vanilla AI fixes that includes a small pk3 with default AI values with bugfixes;

How can I set widescreen?

You need to use iortcw source engine (for SP/MP), if only need for SP you should use Knightmare 1.42d patch.