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So at the end of each level in this game, there is some information about your progress on that particular level.

It goes something like this:

Play time: 00.47.49
Secrets Found: 7/7
Treasure Found: 8/8
Attempts: 2

I have a question regarding the "Attempts".

What is it?

It can't be a number of times I died, because I didn't on that particular level or even at all since I've started playing this game.

It also isn't a number of times I've loaded the game, since it was more than 2.

What does the "Attempts" statistic represent?
Post edited January 07, 2021 by ChrisGriffin
It's the number of times you died from the begin of the game, and it will progress during the campaign just like the time of play. Unfortunately it's incomplete, when you reach the end you never see the complete time of play and other scores, like collected gold and kills.