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- Modified: We’ve changed the way suffixes number is calculated when an item is generated, and it is now harder to get more suffixes for the same rarity tier.
- Modified: Impulse chance affix has been tweaked and now only rolls on one and two handed hammers.
- Modified: Tweaked Root Chance affix.
- Modified: Attack Speed bonus from the affix has been reduced.
- Modified: Attack Speed affix no longer rolls on amulets and rings.
- Modified: Tweaked elemental damage affixes.


- Modified: Decreased Umbral Ray damage.
- Modified; Tweaked XP gains of several skills.
- Modified: Decreased Whirlwind’s damage to 55-65% weapon damage and added some weapon damage percent per level.
- Modified: Increased Brutal Strike’s damage to 300-400% weapon damage instead of a fixed value.
- Fixed: Ignite should burn the ground again as intended.


- New: A whole new layout for the Elementalist, a few new skills and a lot of balancing : those are the main reasons for this week’s PST wipe. We have now entered the deep-balancing phase of the first two rings and Passive Skills should fit the gameplay a lot better without breaking it like it used to. However, all DoT-related passive skills may still be over-powerful while the new DoT system is being revamped.

- Modified: Swapped Assassination and Surgeon.
- Modified: Frantic, Practical Weapons, Chained Executions, Serial Skiller, Dual Daggers Mastery, Merciless, Blood Lust, Enhanced Toxin Usage, Physiological Assault, Confusion Serum, Sneak Strike, Brawl Starter, Venom, Deadlier Poison, Critical Dash, Path to Darkness, Bloodthirst, Counter-Attack, Diversion, Backstab, Treachery, Silent Death, Unexpected Trouble, Sequencing, Bloodshed, Assassination, Blood Thinner, Momentum Absorption, Vein Cutter and Severing have been rebalanced.

- Modified: The whole tree has been redesigned and it now has a better organization, with skills grouped by elements for the most part and Storm skills on the central path. We heard your feedback about what a mess this Tree was, and we hope you will enjoy this new version, more balanced and friendly.
- Modified: High Voltage, Thunder, Lightning Strike, Static Discharge, Conductivity, Recharging, Powerful Magic, Primary Energy, Extended Storms, Absolute Zero, Hardened Ice, Frostbite, Icefall, Icebreaker, Path to Destruction, Elemental Reversion, Status Alteration, Master of Elements, Energy Conservation, Ardent, Fire Embrace, Inflammable and Elemental Boost have been rebalanced.
- Modified: Unstable Orbs is no longer automatic, but have a chance to activate instead.
- Modified: Icebreaker no longer works on elite monsters.

- Modified: Quick Targeting Dexterity bonus has been replaced by a SpellCasting Speed bonus, which makes this skill fully compatible with all builds.
- Modified: Quick Targeting, Head Hunter, Enhanced Reflex, Keen Eye, Steady Aim, Retreat, Light Armor Mastery, Aggravated Shots, Weakening Poison, Crippled, Vulnerability, Incapacitating Strikes, Evasion Trap, Meticulous Killer, Dishonor, Precise Shot and Crossbow Mastery have been rebalanced.

- Modified: Battleaxe Mastery, Swift Warrior Weaponry, Trained Eye, Prediction, Expert, Renowned target, Medium Armor Mastery, Tough Head, Anticipation, Warhammer Mastery, Tough, Commotion, Greatsword Mastery, Sturdy Warrior Weaponry, Butchery, Wide Reach, Brutality, All Against One, First Aid, Healing Knowledge, Weaponized Dance, One-Handed Mastery, Crossed Strikes, Dual-Wielding Mastery, Killing Chain and Killing Chain Extended have been rebalanced.

- New: Bayonet Skill, which gives your ranged shots an Armor Piercing bonus the closest your target is. We think this is a must-have for this hybrid class since it encourages using Ranged Weapons at short distance.
- New: Perfect Shot has been replaced by a new Skill, Perseverance, which may double your ranged shots against a precise enemy if you continuously shoot it without changing targets, which creates a good synergy between the Trickster and the Hunter.
- Modified: Counter-Shot, Umbral Ammunition, Charge, Critical Roll, Defensive Roll, Offensive roll, Kinetic Onslaught, Thrilled, Barrage, Artery Slicing, Gifted, Evasion Extended, Path to Betrayal, Momentum, Heat-Seeking Ammunition, Lethal Strikes and Lethal Strikes Extended have been rebalanced.

- Modified: Adrenaline, Guard Point, Resilience, Shield Of Anger, Metallic Aura, Thorn, Determination and Shards have been rebalanced.

- Modified: Elemental Affinity, Elemental Absorption, Stone Skin, Immune System, Recuperation, Natural Healing, Benediction, Endurance, Iron Health, Unmovable, Umbral Constitution, Blessing Alchemy, Static Defense, Rooted, Chainbreaker, Instant Blessing, Protection Extended, Offensive Protection, Healing Stamina, Muscularity, Path to Preservation, Chosen, Champion, Elemental Regeneration and Experimental Alchemy have been rebalanced.
- Fixed: A bug with the Rooted Skill where the invulnerability bonus was active too long.

- New: Lethal Magic now includes a Power bonus.
- Modified: Chain Cast, Spellcaster, Magical Affinity, Critical Cast, Composure, Mystical Forces, Rage Globe Understanding, Globes Magnet, Health Globe Understanding, Quick Rest, Lethal Magic, Umbra Pool Extended, Power Boost, Longer Power Boost, Extended Power Boost, Rage Globe Catalyst, Umbra Globe Catalyst, Battlemage, Magical Globes Understanding and Battle-Ready have been rebalanced.
- Modified: Swapped Globes Magnet and Magical Globes Understanding.

- Modified: Weaponizer, Confrontation, Unfair Fight, Rush, Impact, Anger Burst, Wrath, Forcing The Luck, Enraged and Change of Mind have been rebalanced.

- Modified: Acrobatics, Evasion, No Rest, Exhilarating Strikes, Extinguisher, Weakness Exploit, Invincible, Urgent Withdrawal, Critical Opening, Vigorous Strikes, Untouchable and Vitality have been rebalanced.
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Changelog for patch 0.3.5 / GOG-22 (Windows) (added 25 January 2017):


- New: The merchant will now restock every 24 in-game hours (everyday at 6:00 a.m). You can sleep at Amarth’s Inn to wait until next restock.
- Improved: As evoked in the previous update, the DoT system has been refactored. All DoT can now be stacked and their treatment has been optimized. They now have a base Damage value or Efficiency per stack and those values (shown in your Character Sheet) increase with your level, attributes and specialization. DoT sources can now inflict one or more stacks, depending on the intended power. Durations also vary from one source to another. Sources that previously caused DoT damage now put a specific number of stacks instead. Visual indicators will show you the different stacks of each enemy in the future.
- Impr: Improved mouse actions pipeline performances
- Impr: Improved AI performances
- Impr: Improved Mobs spawning performances
- Impr: Minor performance improvements in multiple game’s system


- Fixed: Fog in dungeons when graphic settings changed
- Fix: White fog in swamp area when ‘performance mode’ is active
- Fix: Zooming inside the passive skill tree no longer zoom in-game camera
- Fix: Zooming inside the housing construction mode no longer zoom in-game camera
- Fix: Boss cast-effects weren’t properly removed.


- Fix: keybinding menu not disappearing when pressing escape
- Fix: Equipping ring wasn’t working as expected
- Fix: Could equip item in wrong inventory slots (now display an error message)
- Fix: Inventory item slot highlight wasn’t cleared in some cases
- Fix: Clicking in the inventory could open the passive skill tree in some cases
- Fix: No item icon for templar amulet in inventory
- Fix: Default attack (LMB) could be replaced with any skill
- Fix: Switching between Left & Right ring when comparing item in the merchant shop wasn’t working.
- Fix: Wrong item price displayed in the reclaim panel
- Fix: The metallic clip will now properly disappear in the belt slot when equipping a potion.
- Fix: A bug where Potions weren’t equipped at the same height on the Belt.
- Fix: A few one-handed Axes had wrong icon sizes.
- Fix: Pressing “s” then “,” keys was opening the Passive Skills Tree.
- Modified: Removed the ability to assign skills to your skill bar using the left click (one click on the skill you want to assign, one click on the slot you want to assign). Skill assignation is now only possible using drag & drop.
- Mod: The Character Sheet has been modified in order to display new fields and tooltips (Status Ailments and Survivability sections).


- Due to major changes in the housing code & associated systems, we had to wipe the houses. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Fix: Crash when entering housing


- New: weapon impact and gore sounds
- New: town gate open and shut
- New: sounds for the Ghoul
- New: critical attack charge-up and unleash sounds
- New: Town teleport audio
- New: Burning torch melee swing sounds
- New: Menu button sounds
- Impr: sync on dual wield attack swings
- Impr: general audio mix
- Impr: NPC crossbow fire mix and positioning (easier to distinguish now)
- Mod: Audio menu settings are now set to full (1.00) by default


- Fix: Various navigation problems in dungeons
- Mod: The time of day is now static in the tutorial area

- New: The game is now translated in Czech! Thanks to Bedek!
- Impr: Chinese, german, hungarian and russian has been updated by the community. As always, thank you very much guys!


- New: the “Curse” DoT has a chance to propagate other DoT the target suffer to its surrounding allies. It lasts generally longer than other Status Ailments and ticks less often. The propagated DoT make use of all the traits of your specialization (passives, gear, …), like increased durations, Damage bonuses, etc. When adding more Curse stacks on the same enemy, the propagation chance each tick increases.
- New: the “Frailty” DoT lower all your target’s Resistances except physical, including its raw Resistance to Spells.
- New: the “Weakness” DoT lower all Damage done by your target, and also reduces its Stamina Regeneration.
- New: All raw Shadow damage sources have a chance to trigger Curse stacks
- New: All raw Sacred damage sources have a chance to trigger Weakness stacks
- New: All raw Umbra damage sources have a chance to trigger Frailty stacks
- New: When killing an enemy, you can now trigger an “Overkill”, meaning that this kill is critical and gives you a small Attack Speed / Casting Speed bonus. This will also trigger an additional drop roll for globes and gold on this enemy. Overkill chances depend on the last Damage taken by the enemy, and may be of elemental type depending on the majoritary type of your attack. In the future, Overkills will have special visual effects depending on their type, while right now only the Physical Overkill has a special effect.
- New: All Potions can now roll magic affixes just like other items : a Potion can be Magic or Rare (not Legendary for now) and have various magic effects that are briefly active when you drink them.
- New: A Rage Potion that instantly gives you Rage points.
- New: A Stamina Potion that instantly gives you Stamina points.
- New: All base Potions (Health, Umbra, Rage and Stamina) now exist in 4 different sizes, with different visuals, charges, refill times, cooldowns and values.
- New: Several Poisons have been added to the game, giving magical effects to your melee and ranged hits : Cursing, Burning, Bleeding, Freezing, Shocking and Weakening. They can be looted at a rather high level.
- New: You can now automatically unlock new skills slots 5 and 6, by reaching respectively level 10 and 20. This is a temporary way of giving you more skill slots, but may change in the future.
- New: You can now automatically unlock new Belt slots for potions at level 3, 7, 11 and 15. This is a temporary way of giving you more potion slots, but may change in the future.
- New : Three new rings.
- Mod: Changes to enemy spawns for a smoother early-game experience.
- Mod: Ranged Gameplay has been slightly modified : simple shots now generate Rage on hit just like Melee attacks, and Special shots like Spreadshot or Rapid Fire cost Rage instead of Umbra. This will allow us to create new mechanics and interactions in the future, rethink ammunition skills and balance the whole thing.
- Mod: Enemies should inflict less damage during the introduction sequence.
- Mod: Decreased amount of Umbra given by Power by a factor of ten.
- Mod: Poison Vials have been modified : when you use them, they no longer work for only one hit, but for a short duration instead. During this time, all your hits with weapons (melee & range) will inflict one Poison stack. If you use the same Poison several times, the number of stacks you inflict each hit will increase, up to a maximum stacks number that is defined by the Poison Vial itself. This way, you can prepare for a tough fight by using different Poisons and inflict severe Damage for a short period of time.
- Mod: Rage and Umbra Globes no longer give you instant resources, but fill your Rage and Umbra Potions up instead if you have one ore more equipped in your belt. Health Globes and Globes-related passive skills remain unchanged.
- Mod: Increase health per level for the ghoul.
- Mod: Decreased the amount of items in the Elder Ghoul lootsplosion.
- Mod: Decreased the amount of damage reflected by the return damage bossmod.
- Fix: Books selling price was wrongly calculated.
- Fix: Rapid Fire had a high cooldown reduction per level, allowing players to fire in fully-automatic mode within a few level-ups.
- Fix: Templars should not perma-knockdown enemies anymore.


- New: Potions can now randomly roll a few on-use affixes. Right now they’re only main attributes bonuses, but we’ll add more in the future for a wide diversity of Potions.
- Mod: Tweaked movement speed affix.
- Mod: Shields, maces, hammers, daggers and capes now have default affixes.
- Mod: Changed most default affixes on rings and amulets.
- Mod: Accessories do not always roll as magical items anymore.


- Mod: Removed the base damage added by elemental ammo skills.
- Mod: The Hemorrhage buff now does not stacks and provide one additional openwound stack.
- Mod: The Rend Skill now inflicts two openwound stacks on enemies.
- Mod: Chain Lightning has a quicker transfer time.

(continued in following post)
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- New Skill: Hitman, which prevent you to enter Fight Mode for the first hit done / taken (which means you continue to benefit from all the “Out of Fight” bonuses).
- Mod: Enhanced Toxin Usage has been rebalanced to fit the new active Poisons.

- N.S.: Isolated, which gives you a Ranged Damage bonus if there’s no enemy around you in a close radius.
- N.S.: Distant Outburst, which increases the Rage gain of your Shots the further you are from your target.
- N.S.: Strategist, which increases your Rage gain on first strike / first shot if you’re not in a fight.
- N.S.: Marksman, which increases your Critical Chance with Weapons and Spells the further you are from your target.
- Mod: A few new links and two new exit skills will allow you to select more specific skills in the the tree and still reach its end.
- Mod: Light Armor Mastery and Retreat have been moved to the Thief section.
- Mod: In addition to the freshly acquired Retreat and Light Armor Mastery skills, new links have been added in order to reach the end of the section in 9 points instead of 12 (more consistent with the other sections of the first ring).
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Changelog for patch 0.3.5 (added 02 March 2017):


- Modified: Orc Crossbowmen now wield an appropriate Orc Crossbow.
- Improved: The rendering in the open world is now slightly brighter, with a greater range of eye adaptation.
- Modified: Protection Shield (pink bowl) - Sparks will be less reactive to wind now
- Fixed: Random render crashes, usually happening in cave dungeon


- Fixed: Ring item comparison not showing in player chest


- Fixed: Various mouse manipulation for items placement


- Improved: Mob/Horde mix
- Improved: Large group fire FX (set a large mob on fire!)
- New: Inventory sounds
- New: Skill tree enter and exit sounds
- New: Quest and objective sounds
- New: Master effect to control very loud gameplay moments (limiter)
- New: volume compensation for camera distance. Far out camera is no longer much quieter than zooming in close to the player character
- Fixed: Teleport sound cutting out and not resolving smoothly
- Fixed: Distinction made between simple crossbow shot sound and triple shot.


- New: Several hit animations triggered by melee attacks for all enemies in the game except the Ghoul
- Fixed: Many “character sliding” issues on stairs
- Fixed: Player direction issue when blown away
- Fixed: Many collision and “flying” character issues


- New: Mage Staves ! There are 4 staves in the game at the moment, each divided between 4 elements. Each staff comes with a skill combo!
- Fire - 5 Skills combo
- Frost - 5 Skills combo
- Lightning - 5 Skills combo
- Umbra - 5 skill combo
- New: A Stats and requirements system have been added, but the requirements themselves will be added in the next patch. Item will have required level of 1 until then.
- New: Orc Crossbow
- New: Orc Axe
- Modified: Player’s movement inertia removed (heavy feeling when starting a movement)
- Modified: Drop rates of magical and rare items has been slightly increased.
- Modified: The gloves slot has been removed, and gloves are now attached to their respective arm armors.
- Modified: Strength now grants 0.2% melee damage per point.
- Modified: Power now grants 0.2% spell damage per point.
- Modified: Dexterity now grants 0.2% ranged damage per point.
- Modified: Skeleton Overlord doesn’t jump backwards anymore.
- Modified: Skeleton Overlord has less health.
- Modified: Armor parts are now splitted into three categories (Heavy, Medium, Light) instead of four.
- Fixed: Bug teleporting the player back the player few meters away in some places
- Fixed: Base attack sometime costs Umbra ressource
- Fixed: Ranged AI will not run away forever anymore
- Fixed: Shield will now disappear when you die


- New: Keyword system for affixes generation, which allows for more logical affix distribution on a per-item basis.
- Modified: Every affix in the game has been modified to work with the keywords system, and will generally roll on more items than before.
- Modified: The Life-On-Hit affix has been improved.
- Modified: The All Resistances affix has been tweaked.
- Modified: Glove-specific affixes now roll on arm pieces.
- Modified: The Assassin Waistband now has an added critical chance of 5%.


- Modified: Multishot now fires 4 bolts instead of 3.
- Modified: Rapid Fire now fires 5 bolts instead of 3.
- Modified: Unlimited power is now a bit more powerful and has an umbra cost again.


- Modified: The Practical Weapons skill now grants 25% increased critical chance.

- Fixed: The Precise Shot bonus was stacking indefinitely.

- Fixed: The Protective Storms skill was sometimes resetting itself.
- Modified: Cold Hands, Absolute Zero and Snow Storm have been rebalanced.


Changelog for patch 0.3.6 Hotfix (added 02 March 2017):


- Fixed: negative damages bug


- Fixed: Removed Poison Phial VFX on staves.


- Fixed: Random affixes were sometimes overriding default affixes.
- Fixed: Default affixes weren’t stacked when wielding two identical items.
- Fixed: A mage Staff had incorrect damage values.


- Fixed: The block chance affix wasn’t working properly.
- Fixed: The cooldown reduction affix on potions added cooldown instead of reducing it.


- Fixed: Explosive Wave had no Rage cost


Changelog for patch 0.3.7 (added 02 March 2017):


- New visual effect for the Damage Return effect on enemies.


- New sound effects for the Skullcrusher.
- Improved the way the sound listener moves between the player and the camera.
- Improved sound Spatialization.


- A portal now brings to the new boss.
- The Inn Keeper is now closer to the merchant.


- New Skullcrusher monster.


- Ranged gameplay and mouse targetting has been improved
- Warrior Artificial Intelligence has been improved. Warriors enemies now try to surround the player.
- Orc footmen may now try to escape if their health is too low
- New Ranger Medium armor.
- New Apprentice light armor.
- New Thief light armor.
- The Skullcrusher, a big ogre wielding a gigantic maul has been added. You can find him in the grass fields near dhur.
- Skull Crushers use up to 4 different type of skills : Mace Attack, Expulse Blow, Healing, Charge and Speed Buff.
- Improved Orc Charger. The Charger will now turn during his charge and can be knocked down if he hits an obstacle.
- Orc charger particle effects improved
- Monsters with boss ranks have a higher chance to drop magical and rare items.
- NightStalkers have been replaced by enraged zombies.
- Constitution Points now give an additional 0.2% health per point.
- Elite monsters like the ghoul or the skullcrusher now drop more loot.
- Monsters that spawn at night time have a high chance of dropping more loot.
- The Ghoul can now be interrupted, especially when she is casting a skill.
- The Ghoul’s jump attack has a slightly higher cooldown, making her more manageable for melee characters.
- The king of the ogres now stands in the heavens.
- New "Extra Damage" Boss Modifier.
- Fixed: Some items stats weren’t properly saved, resulting in lower item’s stats after dying/exiting and reloading your character.
- Several new enemies can trigger Pulverize effect (gore explosion)
- Health bar placement improved (tall enemies had their health bar located too low)


- Default Affixes on items should not be overridden anymore.


- Fixed: Tome of Deep Strike had a very low drop rate.
- Warcry particle has been improved.


- Modified: Lethal Strikes now grants 3% increased damage per stack and can stack up to 10. It now only ticks when in combat mode and stacks are reset when out of combat.
- Modified: Lethal Strike Extended now grants 1% additional damage and increases the maximum of stacks to 20.
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For a moment there I thought you missed the rest of the changelog (you appeared to have logged out); nice to see I was in error.
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HypersomniacLive: For a moment there I thought you missed the rest of the changelog ....
I changed the order in today's multi-patch changelog from oldest to newest (0.3.5 => 0.3.6 => 0.3.7) to reflect the flow of the thread. GOG always reports the newest on top. Maybe that caused the confusion.
DeMignon: I changed the order in today's multi-patch changelog from oldest to newest (0.3.5 => 0.3.6 => 0.3.7) to reflect the flow of the thread. GOG always reports the newest on top. Maybe that caused the confusion.
I noticed that did change the order, but it was your light going off that made it look like you were done, even though I know that you don't do things half-baked. :-)
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Changelog for Patch 0.4.1 (added 07 June 2017):

- Force Move has been added ! Use control-click to move to the cursor position. Force move will be added in the keybinding menu in a later update
- Four new spells have been added !
- New Shields ! Shield gameplay is currently being reworked, but in the meantime we add 10 new shields to the game for a total of 13
- Once the effect of a skill or a attack is triggered, you can now interrup the animation and move freely

- Fixed a memory leak caused by elemental Storms
- Small optimizations related to CryEngine .lua entities scripts
- Optimizations on dismembered parts

- Lightning strike arcs are now properly attached to caster hands
- The PST textures should now preloads correctly

- Bladeslinger’s tooltip window now displays the spell’s cooldown timer
- A new option in the Game settings allow you to disable tutorial messages

- Player and NPC Footstep and surface type sounds overhauled
- Player death and respawn sounds
- Umbral Blast skill sounds
- Laceration skill sounds
- Fireball skill sounds
- Potion item ‘use’ sound

- Replaced obsolete assets with new ones

- Corrected a typo
- Added missing french localization string for the Gothic Belt

- Shield attacks now use a 4-hit combo with new animations
- Umbra and Rage pools have been increased to 1000 points. This is allow for a much finer and granular control of resource costs
- Skill costs have been modified to accommodate for the above change
- The dual daggers combo does not give additional open wound stacks, this is now a random affix
- Fixed SpellDamage affix and a few SpellDamage Passive skills not working properly
- The Orc Warlock has learned to cast explosive glyphs on the ground
- The ghoul should not inflict long open wounds
- The health and damage output of the Ghoul has been decreased
- Chests now release their loot in front of them, not regarding your position
- Resource points and spell critical chance points given by Power points have been decreased
- Decreased the health bonus of Dungeon Bosses
- Decreased health and damage of the Stalkers
- The damage output of the Ogre has been modified
- Fixed the final lightning staff combo not inflicting weapon damage
- Chests not giving loot should be fixed
- Improved enemies under mouse cursor detection

- Heavy armor now decreases Dexterity
- Leg pieces now have 15% armor efficiency, lowering average efficiency to 65%

- Ten new shields have been added into the game
- Blue items now always roll with at least one suffix
- The range of many affixes has been tweaked to add more variety
- New Life on Kill affix
- New Rage on Kill affix
- Resource-related affixes have been adjusted to accommodate the news resource pools
- Attack Speed will now roll some light armor pieces, axes and crossbows
- Fixed Steel Right Pauldron not having default affixes
- Gothic Armor pieces now have heavy armor default affixes in addition to its default affixes
- Rage conservation percent affix can now roll on weapons and armors
- Physical Damage should not roll on staves anymore
- Open Wound stacks bonus can now roll on daggers, axes and swords
- Decreased the amount of physical resistance given

- Conflagration- Added to the game. Shoot fire from the palms of your hands!
- Thunderbolt - Added to the game. These orbs of electricity inflict damage while passing through enemies.
- Holy Dive- Added to the game. Fall from the skies, releasing a sacred nova upon reaching the ground
- Disruption- Plant umbral bombs, which detonate after a short time.
- Arrows Rain- Fixed damage being way too low and increased rate of fire. Added a cooldown time. Rate of fire is now displayed in the tooltip
- Rain of Fire- Decreased the effectiveness of the cooldown time reduction rune. Decreased damage. Increased resource transfer time
- Fire Ball- Slightly decreased the explosion radius
- Brutal Strike- Fixed the harassment rune reducing the spell’s rage cost
- Whirlwind- Fixed damage computation
- Seismic Rift- Fixed damage computation. Fixed the high damage given by the exponential blast rune
- Umbral Blast- Fixed the reduced umbra cost rune not decreasing the umbra cost of the spell
- Lightning Strike- Decreased the rate of fire bonus given by the Discharge rune
- Bladeslinger- Increased damage

Increased the Umbra cost reduction given by Spellcaster to 10%
Increased the spell casting speed bonus given by Chain Cast to 10%
Increased the strength bonus given by Physical Preparation to 10%
Increased the strength bonus given by Benediction to 10%
Decreased the healing factor given by Instant Blessing to 6%
Increased the dexterity bonus given by Steady Aim
Increased the duration of the head hunter passive bonus
Umbra Reshaping has been reworked for a better compatibility with Elemental Storms : Damage from other types (Umbra, Sacred, Shadow) should now trigger Storms of the right Element
Decreased the damage output of elemental storms
Ardent stacks can be added only once per second to prevent abuse.

Changelog for Patch 0.4.1 Hotfix 1 (added 07 June 2017):

- Fixed navigation in some areas

- Improved enemy under mouse cursor detection
- Fixed enemies Damage calculation
- Fixed Rage on Kill affix
- Fixed Chests loot orientation

- Fixed Lethal Strikes passive (Trickster)

- Crossbow bolt can hit multiple enemies at once in certain conditions

Changelog for Patch 0.4.1 Hotfix 2 (added 07 June 2017):

- Chests now have a particle indicating their rarity

- Fixed dynamic dungeon system memory leak causing a cryengine lua fatal error
- Fixed a crash related to enemy spawning
- Mouse picking of PST was malfunctioning in Dungeons

- Shocking Damage can’t cause another Shock right away anymore. Only genuine Lightning Damage will cause Shocks
- Shields Damage were sometimes wrongly calculated, resulting in 1-Damage hits
- Improved enemy detection under mouse for some specific enemies
- Improved enemy projectile collision detection

- Fixed the visuals of two shields

- Lightning Strike
- Weapon on the left hand now disappear while casting the skill
- Disruption
- Fixed incorrect leveling requirements
- Holy Dive
- Sacred Damage of the Spell was misinterpreted as Shadow Damage
- Bladeslinger
- The range loss of the Throwing Axe variant is now mentioned in the description
- Throwing Axe increases damage even more now

Changelog for Patch 0.4.2 (added 07 June 2017):

- New minimap in dungeon !
- New Dash system! It is now a short range teleport with a warm up animation. Includes particles and sound!
- Items left on ground will now be automatically removed after 24 in-game hours
- Minimap overlay toggle, force move, force attack and item comparison left/right switch keys have been added to the keybinding menu

- Greatly reduced particle emitters CPU usage
- Fixed various bugs with the transparency system
- Fixed AI pathfinding high CPU usage issue
- Fixed a very rare crash on online autosaving
- Fixed a rare random crash when exiting dungeon
- Fixed a rare random crash when transitioning between dungeon floors
- Fixed the issue causing some players to not generate error.dmp when crashing
- Fixed a physic related memory corruption crash
- Fixed multiple raycast related crashes

- Small CPU optimization related to on ground items name display UI
- New spell icons for Conflagration and Holy Dive
- Fixed the bug that caused characters to lose all their attribute points after resetting stats to the lore master then clicking on cancel
- Level 0 rings, amulets and capes bug has been fixed. Note that items dropped previous to this fix will still be displayed as level 0
- Rebinded skill shortcuts are now properly displayed in the skill bar

- Fixed a bug that caused walls on the border of the map to not be removed when removing the floor under it
- Fixed a placement bug for wall furnitures that allowed to place paintings on ceiling chandeliers
- Fixed a bug causing items stored on the mannequin not to be saved properly

- New Dash sounds
- New Rain Fire sounds
- New Lightning Orb sounds (and for AST variants)
- New Gravedigger/keeper sounds
- New Fire Breath sounds
- New Brutal Strike sounds
- New corpse explosion (Gibs) sound
- Enabled reverb for footsteps
- Legendary Item drop sound falloff increased

- Undead Warriors are wielding a weapon again

- The undead are now roaming the land
- Monster elites now spawn later in the game
- Fixed targeting issue with the Lightning Staff (ray attack)
- Improved collision detection between the player and enemies projectile

- Tweaked effects and randomness of item qualities
- Fix some parts of the lightning staff combo not inflicting the weapon’s damage

- Removed the stamina regen malus on heavy armor
- Rage Loss bonus of heavy armor has been moved to medium armor
- Rogue armor now increases dexterity
- Removed the resource pool percent bonus on mage armor
- Mage armor now increases power

- Active Skills now also get statistical upgrades at level 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25
- Frost Nova
- Fixed the cooldown increasing with spell level

- Legionary
- Rush now only increases dash distance since the new dash is instantaneous
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Changelog for Patch 0.5.0 (added 04 July 2017):

- Brand new world! Forget all you knew about the open-world of Wolcen, because we’ve changed everything. This new open-world is still in its early stage, but we’ll update it each time we’ll add quests and content.
- New quests ! You now have access to roughly half of the first act, a better tutorial, and although true boss-fights are not ready yet, the quests themselves are better and longer than before so we hope you will enjoy them. Secondary quests will come later and will lead you to explore each corner of the map.
- Lots of new characters, both friendly and unfriendly ones !
- Cloud mode servers have been moved to France (previously in Australia)

- Color grading is now functional and help defining each environment
- Main menu rendering tweaks

- New main theme in the main menu!
- New dodge roll sound.
- New ambient sounds for the new world locations! (lots of content).
- Fixed waypoints increasing audio volume.
- Improved sound mix.
- Fixed a number of ambiance seeking issues, where ambiance would restart from the beginning instead of picking a random starting point.

- Reworked Quests tracking UI
- New Quests acceptation pop-up
- New Quests reward pop-up
- New World map
- Reworked background for Unique items.
- New item rarity : Quest item, with its own background, loot particle & text color.
- New available stats points and passive skill points notification buttons
- Skill level up is now directly displayed on the skillbar
- Clicking on a skill in the skillbar will now open the active skill tree
- Skillbar shortcuts are now displayed uppercase
- New minimap
- New set of minimap icons
- Added Fog Of War to the minimap
- Reworked and added book icons
- New tutorial icons
- New Spell Books icons
- New quest tracking arrow
- Reworked death screen
- Reworked gameplay error message animation (not enough rage, etc...)

- New enemy : Beware of the unpredictable Grave Digger ! He’ll use his shovel to dig all sorts of things to launch at you, but mostly other Undeads. He is sort of the Grave Keeper’s angrier and older brother.
- New enemy : The first boss of act 1 is in, Halaku, the dreadful Bones Lord. Although we’ll improve the bossfight in the future with more attacks and patterns (and boss phases), this is already a powerful foe and the first true boss of the game.
- New enemies : The Corruption has spread to the East, and bring forth a terrible army. While slaughtering the Corrupted Warriors and Berserkr will be quite straightforward, handling the mighty Juggernaut or the dangerous Slug could be a challenge for those who are not prepared.
- New enemies : In the Hailstone bay to the North, the constant low temperature has affected some of the resident creatures in a bad way. There, you’ll find new variants of enemies you already know, sharing an affinity to the cold : the impressive Ice Crusher, the deadly Storm Keeper and the Iced variants of the Pithus and Pithus Warrior.
- New enemies : The existing Pithus have been reorganized and a few members have been added to the family. We now have the regular Pithus, the Pithus Warrior, the uncatchable Pithus Outrider and the venomous Pithus Spewer and Infector.
- New enemies : the new Skeletal Guards and Warriors serve as the bulk of the Bones Lord army and although they die easy, don’t underestimate them when they’re in large groups.
- New NPC : Seren

- Regarding the work that has been put in the new open-world, it would be hard to list the bulk of the environment changes. Anyway, you’ll find that most areas are now more readable and clearly defined, sometimes using biomes or color-grading, and that they contain many new assets.
- Chests : since we want to reward exploration, the new open-world contains many chests, sometimes hidden ones, so that you won’t need to farm Dungeons to find interesting loot. We’re currently working on many different types of containers (furnitures, trash, cadavers, etc.) in order to give chests a better variety in the future and a better readability gameplay-wise (ex: equipment racks that only loot weapons or armors, etc.).
- Indoor locations : We’ve added a few indoors areas to the world, and will design a lot more in the future, so that the total walkable surface of the game will be even bigger and exploration will be more interesting. They can be randomly chosen (ex : house cave) or static (ex : pithus dungeon) and will contain their fair share of rewards and foes.
- New automated Doors system with one-sided Doors that can serve as shortcuts.
- Various signposts have been placed in the world, indicating the location of main areas.
- Fixed the issue that caused some players to encounter invisible walls in dungeons
- New Dungeon : Pithus cave
- New Dungeon : Ancient Civilization
- New Dungeon : House Cave
- We now use a progressive system for time. This can result a more flickering shadows, but we are working on a fix for that.

- The Quests file has been wiped and replaced by a new one containing all the new dialogs and gameplay strings. This represents almost 200 new lines.

- Visual spawners : the new world now contain advanced spawners that are represented by objects (tombs, eggs, etc.) that look just like regular props, but will start to shake when you are near and explode after a short time, revealing the enemy they contained. We hope this will bring diversity to the regular enemies that just happen to raise from the ground, and maybe surprise the careless adventurers.
- Spreading Nodes : in certain areas of the world, you’ll find entities that extend their influence on the ground over time and endlessly spawn foes. You’ll need to destroy them quickly if you don’t want to be overwhelmed, but keep in mind that you can’t use them to farm experience or loot because the node only will reward you, not the enemies that it spawned. But know also that those rewards get better the more advanced is the progression of the node when you destroy it, so it may be interesting to let it extend, survive the spawned enemies, then destroy it when it’s the strongest.
- New Support AI : the way following allies (ex: Brother Leon) behave has been totally changed and this is a first step in the direction of interesting pets or mercenaries.
- Traps have been added to the game. You’d better watch your step if you don’t like being stunned, burned or if you don’t want to die prematurely.
- Monster density has been overhauled and spawn locations carefully chosen.

- New Umbra On Kill affix for mage equipment.
- Decreased the spell damage bonus on staves.
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Changelog for Patch 0.5.0 Hotfix A (added 04 July 2017):

- Mouse selection strongly improved
- Fixed the white screen issue
- Fixed items that disappeared when teleporting to Amarth
- Fixed the dark shadows. A GI shader compilation error is the cause. It is now disabled until we fix the problem.

- The death screen is now fitting every resolution

- Fixed minor issues with the quest reward window

- It’s not possible anymore to gather endlessly the same Arctic root by dropping it. They no longer appear in the inventory.
- A rare bug if the game crashed during a save where you couldn’t complete the Corrupted Heart of Ravengarde if you had already unlock the two next quests.
- Fixed a bug where you could spawn in a crater after finishing all the quests.

- improved audio mix (music and ambience up, some skills down, some enemy voices down etc)
- additional Pithus spider death sounds (and made generally less repetitive)
- fixed non-looping Boss music
- Armath machinery ambience now audible
- enabled reverb for player foley (footsteps, dodge roll)
- fixed duplicate dodgeroll
- balanced skill mix levels
- boosted the volume of legendary drop sound

- RGD portal is now hidden at the game start.

- Fixed a bug in Halakus behavior that caused him to stop moving

- Halakus can no longer raise infinite number of skeletons.

Changelog for Patch 0.5.0 Hotfix B (added 04 July 2017):

- Mouse selection strongly improved once again
- Several random game crashes have been fixed.
- Enemies mouse detection has been tweaked
- Enemies projectile collision has been tweaked
- Fixed player sometime flying in the character selection menu

- Improved dungeon entrances visual feedback
- Modified Fireball explosion and trail

- Fixed a rare bug where character saving could lead to a corrupted quests progression if the game was shut down right after achieving an objective.
- Fixed initialization issues for many quests (ex: Corrupted Hearts still present during Ravengarde quests, Ravengarde bridge not crossable after a game reload, etc.)
- Elite monsters like the ghoul or gravedigger shouldn’t randomly spawn too early during the “Lost amongst the ruins” quest anymore.

- Main theme music is now affected by the music volume slider
- Skull Crusher’s death sound is now correctly played
- Skull Crusher’s footsteps sounds won’t loop after its death anymore
- New sounds when buying / selling items

- Improved rendering of the black architecture dungeon
- Improved rendering of the fog in dungeon

- Fixed a few missing NPC names strings

- Corrupted Heart, Nodes and Eggs are now hittable with Thunderbolts.
- Fixed Halaku’s forward dash hit range.
- Halaku’s Skeletons now spawn at a slower rate when he is low-life.
- Getting hit by Halaku’s flaming skulls will now spawn more skeletons in the last boss phase.
- Improved targeting of non Actor entities
- No AI should fall anymore in the Halaku’s arena

- Tweaked Rain of Fire damage output per level.

Changelog for Patch 0.5.0 Hotfix C (added 04 July 2017):

- Fixed multiple random crashes
- Fixed portals interaction
- Fixed staff targeting arctic roots & doors

- Fixed unique & quest item background for player chest & housing showcase UI

- Looted quest items on ground (ex: Digger Heart) are now persistent.
- Dialogs last longer on screen.
- The arrow marker pointing to Seren in the quest “The Alchemist” should not bug out anymore.
- Getting quests reward with a full inventory was dropping the items on ground but messing with the loot particle, resulting in a badly-visible loot.

- Fixed rain sound which was not seamlessly looping
- Fixed Skeleton Overlord skeletal aura abrupt start

- Add new rooms and corridors for the Ancient Civilization dungeon.

- Fixed a bug where dead Pithuses could not play their death animation, thus blocking you for a few seconds.
- Fixed the Corrupted Juggernaut being stuck after performing a close range attack
- Fixed the Undead Vomitter being stuck in an interrupted state.

- Improved the Corrupted Juggernaut’s behavior.
- Fixed Fire and Shocking Aura damage being too low.
- Modified the damage output and rate of fire of the Orc Warlock’s spells.

- Fixed the XP curve of spells being too low.
- Modified the damage per level of many skills.
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Changelog for Patch (added 09 August 2017):

- Your characters may not appear at first, but they have not been deleted. ;)

- Targeting system improvement and new input buffering system.
- Camera rotation is now also bound to keyboard left/right keys.
- Force move has been reworked to work as a direct button, not a button to hold in addition to the move button anymore.
- Some AI related systems are now multithreaded.

- More calibrated brightness, especially at night.
- Improved fog at night, for a better reading of distance.
- Improved the templar and wooden crossbow icons.
- Improved rendering in the main menu.
- UI:
--- New option “Auto attack” in game settings.
--- 3rd skill slot cooldown is now properly displayed.
--- Inventory slot highlight is now properly cleared when dropping an item.
--- Enlarged PST details window.
--- Death screen’s “Exit Wolcen” option has been replaced by “Return to main menu”.
--- Fixed the merchant reclaim menu not removing the right items when full.

- The Pithus cave is now shorter and more linear, which makes going through it a smoother experience.
- Fixed a bug that happened when resetting the weather in the first quest after being killed by the SkullCrusher, and caused visual errors.
- Fixed a bug that could prevent you to cross the bridge to Ravengarde Fortress after achieving the two Locks quests.
- Fixed a bug causing your last Quest checkpoint to be invalidated when loading your save file, forcing you to start at Amarth.

- Optimized audio streaming.
- Fixed a bug where multiple music tracks could overlap.

- Fixed invisible walls in dungeons.
- New dungeon architecture during Ravengarde quest.
- Various improvements in the open world.
- Improved preloading.
- Various fixes in the weather system.
- Weather now has a chance to change when sleeping at the Inn.
- Fixed a white screen bug in the tutorial (fog bug).
- Improved color grading in Thornwood.
- Particles optimization.
- Navmesh size optimization.
- New waypoint in Ravengarde Fortress.

- Fixed a bug causing skill cost to be consumed when casting when knocked down.
- Templars should not be targetable in Melee anymore.
- Shield hits now incur a 50% main weapon damage penalty.
- Default shield angle is now 60°.
- Shock Damage bonus per level has been slightly decreased.
- Conflagration, Lightning Strike and Whirlwind now have a minimum cast duration.
- The bug where DoTs could become permanent has finally been crushed. That should not happen anymore.
- Fixed a bug preventing Flames to spread on the ground with Sacred Damage converted to Fire.
- Fixed the crossbow fire bug where the character wouldn’t orient in the direction you were firing.
- Fixed a bug that caused the passive block to work against attacks coming from behind.
- Fixed a bug in the ROS causing the Umbra regeneration to decelerate with time near the end of the bar.
- Umbra regeneration won’t trigger if there are only Umbra costs being transferred, to prevent weird auto-feeding cases with Umbra-only gameplays. This small change to the ROS allows better defined transfers and improved readability of the resource bars.
- Fixed some gameplay values wrongly displayed in the Character Sheet.
- Fixed a bug that caused Whirlwind to attract enemies to you.
- Fixed a bug with Umbra & Rage globes, preventing them to refill potions.
- Fixed the globes drop chance calculation.

- Monster density has been reduced in the tutorial area.
- Decreased the spawn frequency of Undead vomitters in the open world.
- The undead in the starting area now give experience points upon death.
- Increase the ogre’s ground pound cooldown time.
- Decreased the amount of health healed by ogres and skull crushers.
- Decreased the health bonus of the “Tough” elite modifier.
- Grave Diggers now have less chances to dig out strong monsters like butchers.
- Ice monsters are now very resistant to freezing.
- Monster spawns in dungeons have been updated and improved.
- Fixed a bug in the elites enemies health formula.
- Some monster don’t appear anymore in the open-world until you’ve met them in the story for the first time.
- Decreased Halaku’s health points.
- Zombies now have a lower rotation speed.

- A brand new set of weapons : the Hand-forged set (8 new weapons).
- New weapons : Orcish Club and Smith’s Hammer.
- Gold values have been slightly reworked and adjusted, for a better perception of a “better” item from another. Old items in your inventories will still have their old gold value, so the comparison with freshly looted items could be a little unsure.
- Decreased weapon damage on staves.
- Merchants items are now rerolled each time you gain a level.

- Trickster:
--- Offensive Roll and Defensive Roll stacks limit is now 10 instead of your max Stamina level.
- Hunter:
--- Evasion Trap was not always launched when rolling.
- Elementalist:
--- The whole tree has been reorganized in order to have Storm passives separated from the rest, and the possibility to take only one element between Fire, Frost and Lightning and still take all the generic passives.
--- New Skills : Elemental Affinity (Fire / Frost / Lightning), which increase your raw Damage with one of the three Elements.
--- Elemental Storms have been reworked : it is now a single passive node instead of three, and does not perform Damage itself anymore : it is an elemental combo zone that allow you to spread lightning and flames on the ground with your elemental attacks and that improves the freeze effect inside it. You can always stack Storms on the same spot, increasing the bonus they give you, and place as many as you want at the same time. This should really help rebalance the Elementalist tree.
--- Ardent stack burn chance has been reduced.
--- Frostbite duration is now 12 seconds instead of 4 and its Damage has been increased.
--- Hardened Ice bonus went up from 15% to 50%.
--- Pyromancer propagation chance has been increased.

- Modified transfer times of several skills.
- Burn Damage description in AST and skill tooltips now correctly display stacks number.
- Fixed a display bug in the Details list of skills.

- Now increases the player’s critical chance instead of adding critical chance on top of it.

Arrows Rain
- Tooltips now display the skill’s weapon damage percent per second.

Poison Ammo
- Cooldown is now 0 sec instead of 3, for consistency with other ammunition skills.

- Now has a default 30% chance to inflict 1 burning stack per hit.
- Burn duration has been increased to 5 seconds.
- Elemental Storms are not triggered by this skill when it does not hit anymore, and the position of the Storm will now be the target’s position instead of the player’s position.
- Targeting has been improved.
- Hit angle is now 50°.

Fire Rain
- Increased Cooldown Time to reinforce the “kill everything on screen” aspect of the spell.
- Increased the Cooldown reduction of the “Cooldown Reduced” rune.

- Several random crashes have been fixed.
- Fixed a bug that caused the game options not to be saved in certain conditions.
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Changelog for Patch (added 14 September 2017):

- The game’s lighting has been slightly reworked to deliver a better readability of the player and the enemies in the different environments.

- Handforged Dagger magic effects are now correctly placed on the blade.
- Missing material in old civilization architecture
- Fixed rare occurrence of overlapping armors

- The way temporary effects icons are displayed above the ROS has been reworked and improved, and keep positive and negative effects separated while allowing to stack a higher number of different icons. The tooltips of those icons can now bear colors (green / red) to quickly tell positive and negative effects apart inside the same global effect.
- Improved multi-resolution/multi-aspect ratio support for item info UI solving multiple positioning issues
- Enlarged item & skill info UI
- On ground items text will now appear when hovering the item, removing the need to press alt
- Fixed flash rendering issue
- Optimized skills icons (size divided by 4)

- Fixed a bug where you could exit right after killing the first Corrupted Heart and respawn with it being still there.
- Fixed a bug preventing you from achieving certains quests goals involving Nodes destruction depending on the weapons you were using.
- Fixed a few occurrences where Seren could run and roam around on loading.

- Optimization of the network messages resulting in a 80% bandwidth usage reduction (in average) when sending messages to our cloud servers.

- Various improvements in the Open world
- Overhaul of Dhur surroundings
- New rooms for house caves
- Most chests and containers now have a chance to appear when you load the world, they won’t necessarily be at the same spot every time (except for a few fixed chests).
- A new type of chest has been added : unique chests. You will recognize them from their red glowing effect, and they will likely contain Unique or Rare items, even Legendaries if you’re lucky enough, and will have a small chance to appear in unexpected places - thus rewarding the most attentive explorators.
- Interaction radius with the PST is now 50m instead of 25m.
- Fixed a bug where the player could walk on an invisible bridge leading to the Ravengarde Fortress.
- Fixed some Bounty generation issues.
- Improve randomness in deep level of Bounty.

- New optimized models for all the orcs!

- A new value is now shown in the Character Sheet : the Presence level. Presence is assimilated to your current visibility level to enemies : at 100%, enemies target you in a regular way. Below, they start making more time to see you and lose targeting more quickly, whereas above 100% they are much quicker at spotting you. At 0% presence, you are invisible to them. This will allow us to create interesting interactions in the future and will be a complementary system to aggressivity. The only enemy that doesn’t handle Presence level for now is the Ghoul since it uses a different AI system, but we’ll fix this in the future. For now, let’s just say the Ghoul has very sensitive senses!
- Modified the scope of many of the game’s values. To sum up, player health, armor and enemy damage has been halved, while player damage (from spells and weapons) and enemy health has been doubled.
- All passive skills working on the Movement status of your character will now work as intended and be more forgiving, to be used easily.
- Increased default Stamina regeneration time from 3 to 4 seconds.
- Fixed a bug causing the player to get Cursed instead of inflicting Curse to enemies.
- Maximum Status ailments stacks number you can inflict or receive is now 15 per ailment instead of 10.

- Most unique items have been redesigned and new uniques have been added, including some that can add modifiers to Active Skills. This is the first pass of the unique items redesign, and many more will be added in the future.
- You can only equip the same unique item once.
- Various optimizations have been brought to our Items system.
- Potions have been enhanced, and now bear permanent effects that are active as long as the potion is equipped and has at least one charge. Thus, all thematic potions will give you permanent bonus accordingly (ex: Umbra potions give a passive Umbra regeneration bonus) and complementary effects when used. Potions will only be truly inactive when completely empty. We believe this will be a great way to create synergy with existing systems in the future, and one more way of perfecting your own choice of gameplay.
- To accompany this modification, most Potions and Poisons have been rebalanced.
- Ten new weapons have been added to the game!
- Light armored Pauldrons have now been added to the game!
- Templar weapons now also deal sacred damage.
- Fleshbane can now summon skeleton that fight by your side.
- Nyhlus now sells exclusive rare templar gear in amarth, as well as the Harvester, a weapon that hits multiple time with each swing!
- The merchants in Dhur now sell rare glass weapons and the Gothic armor set.
- Cleave Damage is now consistent between weapon types.
- The range of most weapons is now more consistent.
- Crossbow Damage has been further increased.
- Increased the attack speed of most two-handed swords.
- Dagger damage has been decreased.
- Decreased the default Stamina regeneration bonus on rogue gear by one point.
- Saved items are now versioned and can be flagged as deprecated depending on your game version.
- Items stats are now versioned and we can force the reroll of all your items stats at launch if a new patch requires it (Damage, Armor, etc.).
- Fixed a bug causing Poisons to malfunction.

Changelog for Patch (added 14 September 2017):

- Multiple crashes have been fixed.
- Items versioning wasn’t causing a reroll for items in your chest, only the ones in your inventory. Since this is now fixed, you will have rerolled stats on chest items when you launch the game for the first time.
- Fixed the issue that was causing the picked up gold not to be added to the inventory
- Fixed a multithreading CPU performance leak
- Fixed a bug causing temporary potions effects to be permanent after being used once.

- Fixed the avatar healthbar placement
- Fixed a bug that caused the player to move when drag & dropping a skill signature in certain resolutions/aspect ratio

- Practical Weapons (Assassin) skill’s effect is now correctly display in the character sheet.
- Several effects affecting Dual Daggers and Crossbows were wrongly applied.
- On-tick effects like Untouchable, Lethal Strikes or Elemental Boost will now be instantly removed when you deactivate their related passive skill (through respec or rings rotation).

- Fixed missing sound on item & gold pickup

Changelog for Patch (added 14 September 2017):

- Multiple crashes have been fixed.
- Items versioning wasn’t causing a reroll for items in your chest, only the ones in your inventory. Since this is now fixed, you will have rerolled stats on chest items when you launch the game for the first time.
- Fixed the issue that was causing the picked up gold not to be added to the inventory
- Fixed a multithreading CPU performance leak
- Fixed a bug causing temporary potions effects to be permanent after being used once.

- Fixed the avatar healthbar placement
- Fixed a bug that caused the player to move when drag & dropping a skill signature in certain resolutions/aspect ratio

- Practical Weapons (Assassin) skill’s effect is now correctly display in the character sheet.
- Several effects affecting Dual Daggers and Crossbows were wrongly applied.
- On-tick effects like Untouchable, Lethal Strikes or Elemental Boost will now be instantly removed when you deactivate their related passive skill (through respec or rings rotation).

- Fixed missing sound on item & gold pickup
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Changelog for Patch (added 29 November 2017):

- Arena system has been added to the game.
- Local navmesh has been, allowing for smooth player navigation between monsters.
- Fixed several random crashes.
- Game now save before exiting when hitting alt + F4
- The player does not abusively lean anymore when rotating
- Spell tomes can now only be read once, as giving a percentage of a spell's required XP was too powerful. We will soon add the archivist, an npc that buy your tomes and gives you xp for any spell you know.

- Introducing lens flares to the game.
- Fixed a bug causing Infiltration to permanently cloak your weapons until unequipped.
- Fixed Frost Giant warcry particle not appearing anymore.
- Brutal Strike look.
- Fixed the fog bleeding in house caves.
- Fixed a bug causing some skill-bound weapon trails to remain on screen indefinitely.
- Current stacks number is now displayed on DOT icons, and all DOT icons have been reworked to better fit the new passive skills icons.
- New portal visuals
- New magic effect globe

- Umbra, Rage and Health values can now be permanently displayed in the gameplay options. Values are now displayed on top of each gauge.
- In game time of day is now displayed in the top right of the screen
- Active effect tooltip is not removed anymore when the effect expires, but lasts until you move your mouse.
- Defense Regeneration value is now shown in your character sheet.

- The “Advanced tutorial : Weapons types” quest is now unlocked directly at the end of the “Getting Out” quest.

- Fixed a bug that could prevent the ice traps in Hailstone Bay from hitting you.
- Increased the number of chests in the open-world and added new Unique chests locations.
- No more enemies popping when teleporting to Ravengard Fortress
- Fixed a bugging causing Amarth’s blacksmith to disappear.
- Optimization on the PST ring animation.
- Dhur is now bigger, with the Arena entrance at the north of the city.
- Two new Bounty architecture : A fully Corrupted Dungeon and an overgrowth version of the Oblivion Temple.
- Improved the Dungeon architecture “Oblivion Temple”.

- Skeleton warriors have new walks animations.
- The Corrupted Juggernaut is now bigger.
- The giant skeleton boss, Halaku, has his death animation.
- The giant skeleton boss has a blow away animation.

- Added Chinese localization (Thank you very much wynick27)
- Hungarian, Spanish, German localization update
- Once again, thanks to our awesome community to update localization!

- The new Defense mechanic is now active for the player.
- Globally improved the responsiveness of the player’s movement
- Fixed a bug causing the Dual Wield Damage penalty to be applied permanently after some time.
- Practice targets (ex: strawmen in the Amarth arena) are now targetable like regular enemies.
- Fixed a bug causing props and static entities (ex: Corrupted Heart) targeting to fail in Melee depending on the weapons used.
- Zombies in the starting area have their intended health amount again.
- Increased the animation speed of the Greatsword weapon style by 33%.
- Decreased the animation speed of the two-handed dual wield weapon style by 15%.
- Fixed the female staff attack animation being slower than intended.
- Fixed a bug causing Rage Generation on received hits to be applied twice.
- Changes have been brought to Damage computation (Resistances, Frozen shatter, etc.), making things clear, simpler and more predictable.
- Fixed a Health computation bug, causing enemies to have incomplete health bars from time to time.
- Fixed an explosion radius calculation bug affecting several skills.
- The DOT Damage and effects computation has been totally reworked, and will lead to a better balancing in the future.
- Inflicting Frailty stacks to enemies slowly depletes all their Protections, at a rate that depends on your Frailty Efficiency.
- Frailty now cuts off your Defense regeneration and your enemies Protections regeneration.
- Weakness now reduces the efficiency of Defense Shattering / Protections Shattering (depending on the Weakness Efficiency).
- Rage-on-hits affixes may now get a chance to apply instead of being a 100% sure thing.
- Decreased the spell damage bonus given by mage staves.
- Teleport will not appear as a champion affix anymore until it is improved.

- The health and damage values of every monster have been rebalanced.
- Halaku will now always drop its unique sword, in addition to the regular lootsplosion.
- Fixed Halaku having 220% more health than intended.
- Ogre’s ground pound will now slow and stun their targets, but its damage has been reduced.
- Undead vomitters will now only vomit a single toxic undead at a time.
- Toxic Undead do not emit a poisonous aura anymore, but their attacks can inflict poison.
- Skull Crusher and most orcs now have armor by default.
- Frost monsters from the tundra now have Frost Protection by default.
- Toxic undead and toxic pithuses now have poison resistance by default.
- Skull Crushers now regenerate armor by eating instead of health.
- Skull Crushers attacks now inflict stun.
- Increased the maximum number of zombies spawned by the Grave Digger, but increased the cooldown time of the charge. This should reduce cases of zombies dying in mid-air, and makes the fight slightly less hectic.
- The Grave Digger now stuns you with its shovel.
- Elemental auras will now only roll on champion rank 2 monsters and above.
- Champions now have a chance to spawn with a random protection instead of a resistance.

- All base stats of your weapons and armors have been rerolled.
- Fixed the Glass Sword damage not being appropriate for a level 20 weapon.
- Fixed a bug causing permanent potions effects to be cleared when sleeping at the inn.
- A new system allow 2H weapons position to be adjusted in hand when wielded in 1H (Titan’s Strength). This will result in less awkward stances when Dual Wielding.
- Fixed light arm armor pieces being inverted (left/right) on male characters.
- Spell Books may now have a required minimum level for being read.

- Rage on hit received affixes now has a chance to trigger when hit. This notably makes heavy armor less overpowered for melee-oriented characters, but less penalizing for caster-oriented characters if they only wear of few pieces.
- Decreased the amount of physical resistance given by items.

- Glowing links between rings have been improved, and now better fit the path you are taking in the tree in the event of sections with multiple end-skills.
- You can now cancel a point spent in the PST by re-clicking the node, as long as you have not confirmed it yet and it doesn’t create irregular trees (like orphan nodes).
- The PST camera movement has been slightly tweaked in prevision of future rings accessibility at any zoom level possible.

- Confrontation Damage reduction has been doubled.

- Umbra Pool Extended is now called Resourceful and now directly increases your Resource pool instead of tweaking your attributes.
- Lethal Magic computation has been modified in prevision of the upcoming Attributes refactoring.

- Heavy Armor Mastery is now called Fencer.
- Guard Mastery is now called Bumping Guard.

- Precise Shot bonus is no longer removed when you start moving.
- Enhanced Reflex computation has been modified in prevision of the upcoming Attributes refactoring.

- Ranged Mastery is now called Gunslinger.

-Light Armor Mastery is now called Lightweight Gear.

- Titan Strength now specifically states working for Melee weapons only.
- Medium Armor Mastery is now called Chainmail.
- The two skills that improve Killing Chain are now called Killing Spree and Carnage.

- The damage and cost values of every skill have been changed.

- Now inflicts bleed damage instead of physical damage.
- Increased base weapon damage percent.

Holy Dive
- Is now obtained by buying the tome from the templar merchant at level 14.

- The semi-passive Blocking chance bonus is no longer implicit, but is now shown in the spell detail window and with an effect icon & tooltip.

Brutal Strike
- Decreased both its base and upgraded radii. Brutal strike is intended to be used as a means to deliver high damage in small radius in front of the players, and not as the perfect answer to every melee fight.

- Fixed the reduced cooldown rune increasing cooldown.

- Now generates some Rage when hitting enemies.

- Fixed a bug where the reviving button would not work upon death.
- Hit-particles have been optimized to prevent renderer crashes on huge explosions.
- Orcs are very rude, and will sometimes point their finger at the player when spotting him/her.
- Fixed the end of the two-handed dual wield combo animation.
- Improved the weather system code to prepare for thunderstorm & snowy weather.
- Improved the day/night cycle system code to display the in-game time of day.
- Fixed a bug that caused the player character to sleep indefinitely.
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Changelog for Patch (added 29 November 2017):

- Fixed various crashes
- Minor performance improvements
- Endless Arenas will properly work after wave 100 and onward.
- Endless Arenas monsters will become stronger much faster.
- Dying at the same time you kill the last enemy of an arena challenge will no longer leave you dead on the ground.
- Monsters spawn location should be spread more evenly in the Arena.
- Pithus corpses no longer block projectiles and spells.

- Arena time of day adjustments
- Improved some lens flare occlusion

- Damaged enemy health bars are now properly removed when the player dies.

- A new quest points you to the location of the Arena once you have achieved the main quest.
- It should not be possible to kill Seren with Thunderbolt under the rain anymore.

- Black doors now have sounds.
- Reduced volume of Spellbinder.
- Reduced volume of Rain of arrow skill.
- Fixed ambient rain glitch.
- Improved town ambience mix, elements such as birds too loud.
- NPC GUI sounds for dialog boxes and panels (Merchant, innkeep, etc…).
- Personal chest interaction sound.
- Added fades to ambiences where they were missing.
- Optimised world sounds, fewer voices are active at the same time.
- Fixed music not playing in tutorial

- A healer has been added in the Arena lobby.
- Teleport from a waypoint to another is now a bit longer in order to reduce loading artifacts.

- Arena “Exit” and “Next Floor” portals are now localized.
- Quest “NEW” text is now localized.
- Spanish update, thank you Idtime
- Hungarian update, thank you lostprophet

- Items with required level 255 now use their correct required level.

- It is no longer possible to open the PST during cutscenes.