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I have reached the Portal of Isis in the final pyramid and acitivated it. My solution says that Cet-whatever-his-name-may-be appears and destroys the portal. Than the party has to face Kerah an fight her. But in my case Cet-whatever-his-name-may-be and that's it. He does not destroy the portal. Kerah does not appear. In fact I end in a room, I cannot leave, with the apparition of Cet-whatever-his-name-may-be whom I cannot harm in anyway. Look like a dead end.

Can anyone help solve this problem?
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Hello, this may not be helpful at all! But...

Back when I first went through the game on the CD version, most of the issues were related to timing. I had to open up an inventory and click a button over and over (the buttons just above the inventory grid) to get doors to open/close or the underwater dungeon spinning chamber to move more quickly. I think the most easily-repeatable button was the "Map" button, but it's been a while. Otherwise, alternating buttons works.

To check, face towards a slowly-moving door (Cet's Pyramid in your case) and then try this method, watching to see if it is moving in the above-inventory preview window. Or just try it out in the chamber you're in at the moment to see if the scripts will start working (it can take a lot of button-presses).

A strange upside to this bug was the ability to skip glowstones due to the chamber moving so incredibly slowly while not button-pressing.
Hi, thanks for your reply.

I figured it out myself in the end. It seems to be a case of bad scripting. Fortunately I had a save game from the start of the pyramid and started anew. The problem seems to be like this:

I went into the room with the Isis portal and had the narrator describe the whereabouts of the room. Because I knew that the pyramid would be sealed after the use of the portal I went out again and collect the last elemental tome and the heart of the lich. Then I left the pyramid and promoted two of my group members to valkyrie and zen master. One of these things, most presumably leaving the pyramid after the narration, broke the script. When I returned and activated the Isis portal Cet-whatever-his-full-name-maybe never started his evil rant. I witnessed something similar in the depth of Colassium (hope I have the name right) when I did not answer the first mermaid because I was involved in a fight. She refused to talk to me ever after and I had to slay her. In the same vein is this encounter: Cet... refused to talk to me and so did not trigger Kerah to appear.

When I started my second journey through the pyramid I avoided the portal room and did everything else beforehand. I entered the portal room when I had finished everything else and invoked the portal just after the narrator had finished his describing the room. After that everything went smoothly. Cet embarked on his evil rant, Kerah appeared and was beaten up by my party. Then I went and slew Cet himself.

So now I have finished Wizards & Warriors and have to say: It is one of the crappiest games I have played in 40 years of gaming.
atepease: Then I left the pyramid and promoted two of my group members to valkyrie and zen master.


So now I have finished Wizards & Warriors and have to say: It is one of the crappiest games I have played in 40 years of gaming.
Ah, yep. The original version did have an issue with leaving the pyramid early. There can be an issue with conversations stalling in combat (very common in collasium, or anywhere if trying to level up on "Often" monster spawns -- though I don't remember it bugging out after updating), so either one could really have paused the playthrough.
I'm glad you were able to solve it, after all!


Agree, it's not a particularly good game. Despite that, do I enjoy it, in much the same way as Battlespire. Both games have a blend of Interesting+Frustrating that hit a particular note in my brain...and would probably just make some want to stop playing. There would be just enough unique content waiting that whatever problems arose became a puzzle to solve to continue.

That said, a lot of W&Ws issues got much, much easier to avoid after updating and re-playing. I remember a lot of hard-crashes from using Toughen, as well. Mouse locking. Map glitching out. Weird graphics (face black, texure moved to hair). Etc, etc. The original version was pretty punishing...
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