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Zanderat: I thought 1.24 was last official update from Sir Tech? I may be remembering wrong.
I believe I have the official patches collected here:
low rated
Ixionxvii: I just released an overhaul for Wizardry 8. If anyone is interested in checking it out go to the nexusmods page and look for Wizardry 8. (i couldn't link the page unfortunately)
If you have feedback/suggestions please use the nexusmods page for that.
I one could pick and choose which things to use(I like what I list below*) and not what they don't want it'd be pretty good....right now I don't want some things and want others. Does the mod right now allow to pick/choose which changes to use or no? If it does I might use it.

I like stuff like this:

Increased the speed of many projectiles (this increases the overall speed of combat slightly)
Fixed many problems with weird naming of items
Increased stack sizes of many items
Increased the view distance of some areas
All options are configured already, new keybinds are set up (e.g. WASD movement)
Special chests have more unique loot (less bad items in boss chests)

And less of the "make game harder" stuff(I already feel it is too hard for some party setups).
The mod is not modular and i won't add anything like that in the future,
I highly recommend you to try the mod on easy if you like the general idea of it.
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I have a problem with my modem. Well, after pasting the files to the game folder and editing the whip where the game is, after starting the whip, the windows command line turns on and nothing happens, the game does not turn on. What can I be doing wrong?
I've seen the changelog before and I've already seen changes I don't like.
* I don't like weakening healing spells, particularly since, unlike with attack spells, the game doesn't provide you with more advanced healing spells in a timely manner. Consider that the strongest single target heal before spell level 7 is a *first* level spell. (I also don't like increasing the cost of resurrection.) (I note that healing issues were even more severe earlier in the series, particularly Wizardry 6/7 (6 has just *one* healing spell, and it is too weak to heal a character back to full in a reasonable amount of time, even outside of combat; 7's new additional healing spell didn't help because it heals even less per character).)
* Reducing PC health could make the early game harder, which is definitely an issue.
* Making consumables rarer is not a good change, as I struggle to find uses for them as is. If anything, they should be more common and cheaper. The developers severely overvalued consumable items (a problem seen earlier in the series as well). (Some prices are out of balance. Why are Resurrection scrolls more expensive than the powder? Why are Cure Disease potions more expensive than Restoration potions?)

For specific changes:
* I don't like the Vitality reduction, as it's already questionable whether to get Iron Skins on a character.
* Light already lasts a long time; why increase it?
* Reducing Blizzard's SP cost makes it easier to resist. Is that intentional? The same applies to Lioghtning and Falling Stars.
* Limiting who can use Bloodlust ruins certain set-ups, and is limiting the player rather than expanding their options.
* For the Vampire Chain, I don't think Drain HP/SP does anything to enemies, so giving the weapon these properties may be pointles.
* Don't like reducing the quantity of found Resurrection Powder.
* Don't like reducing the Haste scroll's power level. (I find it hard to justify its use as is.)
* Why make the Amulet of Life harder to use?
* Bat Vampires are not the same as Vampire Bats; Bat Vampires are undead and should not share their name with Vampire Bats, which are not undead

There are some good changes, like the addition of formerly rare items in the shops, but there are enough changes I disagree with that I wouldn't use this mod.