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Zanderat: I thought 1.24 was last official update from Sir Tech? I may be remembering wrong.
I believe I have the official patches collected here:
Ixionxvii: I just released an overhaul for Wizardry 8. If anyone is interested in checking it out go to the nexusmods page and look for Wizardry 8. (i couldn't link the page unfortunately)
If you have feedback/suggestions please use the nexusmods page for that.
I one could pick and choose which things to use(I like what I list below*) and not what they don't want it'd be pretty good....right now I don't want some things and want others. Does the mod right now allow to pick/choose which changes to use or no? If it does I might use it.

I like stuff like this:

Increased the speed of many projectiles (this increases the overall speed of combat slightly)
Fixed many problems with weird naming of items
Increased stack sizes of many items
Increased the view distance of some areas
All options are configured already, new keybinds are set up (e.g. WASD movement)
Special chests have more unique loot (less bad items in boss chests)

And less of the "make game harder" stuff(I already feel it is too hard for some party setups).
The mod is not modular and i won't add anything like that in the future,
I highly recommend you to try the mod on easy if you like the general idea of it.
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