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I'm using the wizardry 8 file browser to extract the portraits I want, but I can't extract the eye and mouth animation portraits to use with the portrait editor. I can already use the save editor to change the race to a normally locked one in party creation, but I can't wrap my head around these portraits.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
This question / problem has been solved by Lysanafaeimage
There's an addon which will add unused portraits from the other races at character creation, some of which are even unique from the RPCs. The thread includes some instructions on how to change portrait to an existing one (such as Saxx). Link to the addon & discussion below,
This is exactly what I've been looking for, thank you!
For the record, the eye and mouth animations are contained in the medium sized portraits,
they have multiple frames.
In case find a dld link to a sti editor in 4th message of the topic linked by Lysanafae.

However, you only have to rename the desired RPC portrait files which you extracted from the games file data.slf,
and place them in their appropriate folders.

The names of all portrait files are contained in the readme file of the "Wiz8_various_mico_mods.rar.
Filenames starting with an [L] go into the [\data\portaits\large] folder,
[M]*.sti goes into the \\\medium folder and S*.sti goes into the [\data\portraits\small] folder.

So lets say you want the 'Vi Domina portraits to replace the portraits of the female ninja, aka [size]ninff.sti,
which is the last PC portrait in the list. of the readme.
You would have to rename LVi.sti to Lninff.sti, MVi.sti to Mninff.sti, and SVi.sti to Sninff.sti,
and place those three files into the appropriate folders,
as files placed in their appropriate folders will override the corresponding files in one of the games .slf arcives.

Unfortunately I dont have a pic with all game portraits listed in correct order, i.e. as listed in the readme,
so you may have to check all medium portrais with sti editor
to find out the name of the PC portrait you want to override with a RPC portrait.