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still no fix? I am considering a refund...
Missing voice over...
Could we also get the mac version? There is already one in the Mac App Store(Apple's store front).
I'm struggeling to get one of my joystick working. Yesterday's attempt with MS SIdewinder was a flop - the game doesn't seem to be able to recognize axis properly. I'll try T16000 in the evening ...then I'll think about editing config.xml.
As on today I'll find playing on D-Pad most comfortable but I really would like to get analog joy working.

No voiceovers :-(
The game plays fine so far (Win7 64bit). Steering works well with a PS2 controller via USB converter. I'm happy to see this classic got a faithful remake.

BUT as all the other pilots here mentioned before there isn't any voice-over for the journal entries. :((

I didn't realize that (b/c w/o VO it just feels like the Amiga original ;) until i read about "great voice acting" in a review post and on Steam they said:
"The remastered edition of Cinemaware’s classic game Wings! launches on Steam and other digital distribution platforms this week, and OMUK was there to help provide VO recording, direction and post production services on the title. The original game featured no voice acting, so having the opportunity to contribute to the new version of the game was very exciting!"

@GOG: Could you please include the voice-over or is this feature Steam exclusive?
Just bought this game today. Very confusing there is no version numbering in the game. I downloaded installer: setup_wings_remastered_2.1.0.2 that's the latest right?
yes, is the latest installer, includes the latest update.

sadly, the voice over is missing in this version and there isn't any information about that from gog. :(
I just picked this up - very cool but no voice overs.. will a patch or update happen?

Wow, a whole year passed by.
It would be nice to finally know if there will be a future update putting the voice back in, if there's a manual fix or if it is a licence thing, that the voice got excluded from the GOG version?

Thanks a lot.
Oh now I remember why I don't bother buying stuff from Gog.
fuck it, gonna get a refund.
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Voice over fix please...?