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This Amiga classic is as addictive as I remember; I racked up plenty of hours on my old A500+

Quick summary:

Dogfights are rather easy; even on hard with the targeting turned off.

In strafing missions it's still tricky to hit every target (as it was in the original) due to the scrolling speed.

Not come across a single bombing mission yet: 23 missions, 31 kills, Captain; I find that rather strange?!?

If like me - you can't bear the thought of losing your Ace pilot...

Savegames appear to be stored here:


A series of XML files which can be edited in notepad or equivalent.

Of particular interest is this line: (it's presumably for the kickstarter backers!)


Setting it to true presumably does something - I haven't yet tested the effect of changing that line.

The spelling mistake is intentional! =D

EDIT: The mission immediately following this post was a bombing mission! How's that for irony.

EDIT #2: Small glitch with a newspaper article! see attached. Voice over doesn't always match up with the text i.e. time-off in Paris
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The beauty of this game is that the missions are somewhat random. I've had plenty of bombing missions, but i guess you got the odd sequence of die rolls!

Yep, I played this game on the Amiga a long, long time ago and it's great to play it again with improved graphics... even if my sidewinder won't work on it.
I have found no other way than hitting Alt+F4 immediately when I'm killed to avoid losing my pilot. Have you?
tkayaozkan: I have found no other way than hitting Alt+F4 immediately when I'm killed to avoid losing my pilot. Have you?
If you back up those XML files before a mission -> fail a mission -> exit the game -> copy the files back, it doesn't work?

I'm finding that I'm being offered the chance to continue from where I've died, without any save scumming.

My Lt Col has died several times now; 100 missions in and 140+ kills.

I think it may occur once you hit a certain rank, possibly captain?

I don't remember the Amiga version being half as forgiving. My current character is a bullet sponge, my plane can be shot to pieces too!

A bit more variety would've been nice. Fighting the 20th+ duel against some rookies gets a bit repetitive. I was hoping to find the Red Baron by now.

The interesting bombing missions (u boats, bridges, factories) haven't appeared until much later.
pilot.jpg (133 Kb)
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out of interest: how'd you get to that information screen?