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Hello fellow gamers!

I suppose some of you are familiar with George Oldziey's name. For those, who are not: George Oldziey is a movie (Sin City for instance) and video games music composer (Red Faction Guerrilla or Ultima IX for instance). But most notably he scored the legendary Wing Commander 3, 4 and Prophecy games.

In May 2014 his extraordinary Kickstarter project [url=][/url] sucessfully funded his biggest project so far: to record chosen Wing Commander 3, 4 and 5 score pieces with professional orchestra and choir.

The recording is already done in last year's October, in Bratislava, Slovakia. I was part of this project as well - I am a freelancer musician and big fan of Wing Commander as well, and I can tell you - it was an awesome, lifetime experience!

At the moment George Oldziey is planning and preparing to release recorded pieces for all fans around the world. In the meantime you can watch fascinating "Making Of" video for this project, where Mr. Oldziey himself, as well as others, comments on his work and preparations and gives you a glimpsee behind the scenes. Lastly there is credits scene starring me and Matt Hiltner, another fan from USA, who donated the higest bid and won the trip to Europe, where he spent whole day with Mr. Oldziey and watched the recording process.

Lots of music, nostalgia and talk about Life, Wing Commander and Everything here:


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I did not know about the project, thank you for sharing, great accomplishment indeed, It is somehow reassuring and motivating to see (and hear!) someone so passionate about his work.
Amazing video, thanks!