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OK, this is probably a somewhat weird question: Back in the day, some >20y ago, I played WC4 with the video scenes being rendered with scan-lines. Back then, this was necessary in order to make the video files playable on those ancient CPUs.
Interestingly, I like that scanline-mode better than the fully rendered videos and would like to be able to switch that mode on - for nostalgic reasons.

Does anybody know how to turn on these "scanlines" in the videos?

And one more question: Is there an option to play in a window or does it have to be full screen?

Thanks in advance!

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Problem solved: I just ran the DOXbox version of WC4 and the videos were with the scanlines. Perfect!
They don't look as good on an LCD panel asas they did on an CRT monitor 25y agobut alas... they still evoke those enchanting old memories...