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I have wing commander 3 and 4 in retail versión and they have spanish subtitles

I want to buy in GOG now
Does GOG versión subtitles in spanish?

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As far as I can remember, WC3 has subtitles (tho I don't know if they are in spanish; probably not as I seem to recall they would be in french, german and english), while WC4 has no subtitles at all because the Gog version should be the DVD one which didn't include subtitles.
the games that I have in physical version had spanish subtitles.

thank you very much for your reply,

if the WC4 has no subtitles then i buy you only WC3 even if not in Spanish at least could understand something with subtitles
While it is true that the DVD version never had subtitles, the DOS version has subtitles and it is included as well in the downloads.