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Hi Wingnuts,

I'm touring P2 in Wineskin on a Mac with OSX 10.8.5. Runs better than ever in the past on any platform with mouse and keyboard though I've been a fan since it came out.

Now I've completed several non-plot missions in one go (prior to landing) and am trying to get to Anhur to finish the last of them. I'm in space and as above can't access the nav map with Alt-N. Alt-D also doesn't work but I know Alt key works because I'm using Alt-O to stay alive while I figure out the problem. Anyone else experience this and/or know a workaround? Other way to access Nav Map without key command?


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Well I will forfeit my multiple gains (not sure if it would have been okay to land after accepting in-flight (SOS) missions but before completing them -- will report on what I learn once I ditch and RTB to start from last savegame.