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So i just recently got this itch in which i really want to finally play through this series, i've been hearing about it for years and years but never took the plunge. I ordered myself a flight stick, the Thrustmaster T16000M FCS which i saw recommended in quite a few older topics over the years, just the stick, not the Hotas one. So here's a couple questions;

1.) Is the stick moderately easy to configure for each of these games? (And i do mean each, Armada, Academy and Privateer included.) If there are any noteworthy things to mention, please do if you can. Also none of the games support a thruster to my knowledge? Were those even a thing in the 90s?

2.) Are there any gamebreaking/noteworthy bugs and/or compatibility issues in these games i should know about? I know the gamespeed issue in WC1 but it apparently can be somewhat alleviated by setting the dosbox cycles to 3000 and just dealing with the slower framerate. Should also probably be mentioned that i'm quite experienced with dosbox overall and most basic commandline fixes are not a problem.

3.) Anything else i should know about?


1) Most WC games run under dosbox, something you probably need to do is go to the game specific .conf and under the [joystick] section, edit timed=false and swap34=true.
Optionally you can set joysticktype=ch for a working hat in WC3 and 4.
Also for some of the WC games you need to calibrate the joystick in the game, for WC 3 and 4 press Ctrl-O to get into the configuration menu while you're in a spacecraft.

2) WC1 and 2 have slowdown issues no matter what so it's just something you have to deal with. There were the Kilrathi Saga versions of WC1 and 2 that were cpuspeed corrected but gog doesn't have them and these also have issues of their own.