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I'm stuck with the pharmacist not coming back and I don't know where the warehouse is.

I've done pretty much everything else I can and I have 7 map pieces. The only puzzles left (that I know of) are the lighthouse and pharmacist. And I guess I need the map for the lighthouse. But the pharmacy door remains closed and I have no idea where the warehouse is. And based on the dialogue, I guess I am waiting for him to return rather than going searching for him.

How does the pharmacist coming back get triggered?
I reloaded a save from almost the beginning of Bone Town, did the pharmacy thing as early as possible, but the pharmacist is not coming back.

Is there a way to trigger the pharmacist coming back somehow and if not, is there a way to then just return a broken game although I have played more than 2 hours? This game does have an ending, right?

Decided to give it one more go.

I had thought I get 8th map piece from Pharmacist and then I need to go to town hall and get the 9th from the globe. Surely it is one of the notes on it.

Turns out I didn't get the 8th map piece from the circus prize machine. So the note from the pharmacist was not a map piece. But at least I guessed ... relatively close that I need that globe for the 9th.