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Changelog for Update 1.0.3d (added 28 November 2017):

** Win & Mac only **

* minor bug fixes
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Version 1.11.1:

Major updates:
We've added controller support! The game should notice if you are trying to use a controller and update your UI as appropriate. We've tested a variety of Playstation and Xbox controllers on Windows and Mac — let us know if your Steel Battalion control rig isn't working and we'll see if we can support that too.

On the back-end we updated to a new version of Unity. We tested the game in-house, but this is a significant upgrade and there might be new bugs that we missed. Please report anything wonky that you find and we’ll look into it ASAP!

Captain updates:
West of Loathing takes up even less drive space than it used to, with the minor trade-off of slightly longer load times here and there

Night mode can be disabled with the launch option “--reset-nightmode”

Big Spleen is now correctly marked as a perk, so it doesn't have a useless [+] next to it on the skill screen

The XP costs for increasing Grit to levels 10 and 11 have been corrected, they were at odds with Gumption and Glamour before

Lieutenant updates:
Fixed typos, more than we cared to count (maybe... 42?)

Fixed a typo that was maybe preventing Pete from complaining about his joints in one pretty specific circumstance.

The combat music has been rebalanced; combat balance has not been remusiced

Punching an opponent with your bare (or brass-covered) fists will now make a sound, which is also logically sound

You can now hear it (glug glug!) when your character consumes booze

You can no longer be doubly Ruthless, and it’s a little easier to be Honorable

Wimpy Fricker is now a good shot with his right hand and a terrible shot with his left

The Hostler will no longer offer to sell you a horse until you’ve learned the locations of his lost horses

The lockbox in Orehole Mine is now clearer about how it should be opened

Skeletons in the prologue can no longer be poisoned

Rattlesnakes will now actually bite you instead of just slithering (hopping?) up to you and immediately turning away again

The pyrobove in Susie’s basement will no longer make noises once it has been dispatched

Pete’s leveling up encounters will no longer sometimes prevent you from ever seeing other one-time encounters

Your pardner will no longer have a non-response when you are looking for barbed wire and you ask them about sidequests

The House-in-the-Desert Gang can now be Outfoxed or Intimidated out of their weapons

The Pickle Factory Activation Lever should no longer sometimes lock you out of acquiring the Wanted: Alive achievement

The Goblin Gulch jeweler encounter will now only happen once per character, and won’t sometimes prevent you from ever encountering the Goblin Gulch juggler

Gary will no longer join in a fight against a goblin who is trying to sell you driftwood sculptures

Several places* that you could clip through the scenery and walk behind the world should no longer allow that (Clippy, you're drunk, go home)

If you’ve unlocked Ruthless as a perk (but not Honorable) you should now be able to select that perk when skipping the Prologue

The post office’s “infinite sauté knives” promotion has ended

Silver (and silver plated) weapons should now (finally) actually do extra damage versus demonic creatures

Grace should no longer exhort you to collect a goblet if you’ve already tossed it into a bottomless pit

The portion of the Necromancer quest line that involves the Ley Line diagram should now work more intuitively

The portion of the El Vibrato quest line that involves taking a keystone to the Lost Dutch Oven Mine has been clarified and is a bit more friendly

It is now possible to get the Kurtzian Charm perk from Irene regardless of whether you already acquired mushroom pliers or not.

Laid groundwork for the ability to (finally) release some DLC

Fixed some bugs that we introduced while fixing other bugs

Numerous other small bug fixes that we failed to write down
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Patch v1. ("Elevens All the Way Down Patch") for West of Loathing was released on September 11, 2020.

Many thanks to everyone who reported bugs and helped us track down the trickiest of these issues, we really appreciate it! Here's what's fixed:

Corrected a problem where the player character would move super fast on a high-end personal computer. AKA the PCPCPC (personal computer player character problem correction).
A few objects in dark areas of the game will no longer appear to be hovering very slightly off the ground (they were haunted before, now you're haunted instead, sorry).
A couple interactions with clowns might now make slightly more sense and/or be slightly more menacing and/or creepy.
You should no longer tell the Perfessor that you haven’t found anything in the Lost Dutch Oven Mine when you actually have. Ludonarrative dissonance averted!
The El Vibrato headband will now prevent you from going bonkers in the Lost Dutch Oven Mine Pit, as it was always meant to.
The El Vibrato Headband is now equippable if you are using a controller instead of a keyboard & mouse.
The giant rock monster fight is much more challenging now because we fixed a bug that was preventing it from punching you.
The scorched bandit should no longer be outfoxed when you attempt to hornswoggle them.
You should no longer talk to the Breadwood Mayor about a lumber deal if you’ve already built a bridge before meeting him.
The Ghostwood introductory text should now appear as you walk a little ways into the town instead of not-at-all.
Polished diorite will no longer allow you to exceed your daily spleen allotment.
When discussing Josie with the Perfessor, the conversation will now properly display character portraits.
Wasco's banjo music no longer mysteriously continues to play at his shack even after he's left the area. (Those ghosts are also haunting you now instead of Wasco's shack, double-sorry.)
If you ask Gary or Alice if they know how to play the piano, they will no longer appear to look like Florence when they answer.
A definition in the Gun Manor Library’s dictionary that was for a homophone of the actual word has been corrected.
Dirtwater bourbon should now properly provide bonus XP from the Gun Manor shotglass.
The end credits should now show the jam band scene even if you didn’t get the washboard player. (Fun fact: there’s actually different text for every combination of two or more band members!)
Lots of small typos that no one else would even notice have been fixed. You'll just have to trust me. (And the ghosts.)

Oh, also there is one known issue that we haven't dealt with yet, but will try to remedy that at some point down the line: A few scenes will look weird at the far edges on very wide monitors (2:1 aspect ratios and above).