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The controls in this game are more simplistic than a browser-based game, and in this case, simplistic is not a good thing. We cannot control what weapon we are using, when we reload, or whether or not we are using cover. The game is controlling all this, yet somehow I need to press shift when I'm standing under a heal pot (and it has a very small trigger zone).

I'm a game dev, and I know its not hard to make a more interactive controller, and even make it optional. I am not sure what drove the design decision for the controls for this game, but from a player perspective in 2020, they are awful. If this game is a work in progress, I would be happy to wait and come back to it, but considering there is already DLC, I'm not sure that is very likely.
And how to change the movement keys? i don't see them in options.
Again an unfinished game? needs a patch
Post edited December 27, 2021 by ERISS
There's still no way to rebind the controller keys in version "release1.11.8.29_(48324)." Future versions need an ability to have a Reload key and a Map key on the controller