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Changelog for Patch Notes v0.9.16.0 (no date / added 17 September 2020):

Hey everyone,

Please see the patch notes below for the latest update:

- Potential fix for occasional Start Game Fail
- Simplified Chinese is back, baby!
- Armory ALWAYS spawns weapons
- Outlaw teleporter added to outlaw branches
- Added Playfab ID to start screen
- Killspree and Last Stand have swapped their behaviour to make them both better
- Enlarged the loading spinny
- Less Narrator Repetition Fixes
- Injustice effect fixed

Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated ( ⇒ 22 June 2020.

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Changelog for Patch v0.9.18 (no date / added 17 September 2020):

Major changes:
- The player will no longer aim at enemies through walls
- The player will no longer aim through the barricade when closed
- Favours no longer have levels - these served no clear purpose
- Adjusted sin cost of items. These were too expensive and meant that you had to do lots of runs before you could unlock many of the items. The amount of sin you can get at later levels has been reduced slightly, meaning that unsuccessful runs count more than before (in proportion).

Minor tweaks:
- Cover regen feels less nasty if it pushes you back.
- Happens more suddenly - less time thinking you should use it when you cant.
- Fewer rib cages lying around

We hope you enjoy this first Quality of Life patch, more is to come! A big thanks to all our players for the incredible feedback and issue reporting.v0.9.18,

Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, not updated.

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Changelog for v0.9.19.1 The Sure Shot update (no date / added 17 September 2020):

Quality of Life:
Aiming with firearms and darkness! We have completely re-thought the aiming algorithm with the goal of allowing you to 'aim' into the dark when you want to. From now on, you will shoot at the target you are most aiming at, whether it is lit or in darkness. The difference between the two is that lit enemies have auto lock applied (highlight and aim assist), whereas enemies in the dark will have no auto lock applied whatsoever. The main difference is that lit enemies will no longer 'gobble up' your aim if you intend to shoot at a target in the shadows. Note, we have kept the ability aiming algorithm the same, so that we can get this change in early, rather than wait for that.

This change was heavily inspired by your insightful feedback. Thank you! Fixes: Injustice can now be truly banished! The pillars in the injustice arena are now vulnerable when you have done the thing you need to do to unlock them (spoiler averted).
- Fixed the Boss Unkillable fix, which was caused when applying freeze during the fight!
- Fixed the Outlaw Soft lock issue, where sometimes the outlaw will not light the lantern in it's room.
- Defeating the preacher II should unlock the Met your Match award.

Small fixes:
- Characters face one another when chatting - isn't that nice?
- Righteous souls fade out a little more smoothly.
- Enemies no longer slide when dying.
- Outlaw room doesn't lock you out.
- Aggressor charm description.
- Some Chinese localisation fixes.

Note: We have changed the save version to support these changes. This will mean that your current run will be lost, however your progress in that run (any sin spent etc.) will not be.

Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, not updated.

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Changelog for v. 0.9.23 Patch - More Quick and More Dead (no date / added 17 September 2020:

Thanks to our community of players, we've been able to pull the 'More Quick and More Dead' patch together, which addresses some high demand features and improvements such as key bindings for PC, cover movement and Charms balancing!

We hope you enjoy it, and continue to enjoy West of Dead. Thanks for your feedback!

Quality of life improvements
We've focused on making the game more accessible, smoother and easier to control and to smooth off 'snags' that interrupt game flow:
- PC Only Customisable Controls! We've added Customisable controls for Keyboard and Mouse.
- Sticky Cover - We've looked at the difficulty that some people have had getting around corners of cover. This is now easier, and the cover is also generally a little more 'sticky'. If that sounds like it's going to be harder to exit cover in a hurry - we have replaced the dive out of cover with a new slide which can instantly be chained into a further dive.
- Balance - Increased Shotgun ranges by ~2m, so that they remain useful in early and late run
- Heavy enemies are rebalanced (generally slightly nerfed), these were causing some real spikes in difficulty (and deaths) so we've mixed them in more nicely.
- Unlocking GUI list is faster, and sorted. This should make unlocking quicker and simpler.
- Lost souls look even more sad than before - we've given them a new animation, hope you like it.
- Shopkeeper no longer takes control of the camera when you leave!
- Snappier aim animations when shooting from cover. Sometimes, people would find shooting from cover was 'snagged' with the gun firing before it was aimed properly, now fixed.
- If you have completed chapter 4, it no longer displays that at the start screen.
- Boss doors open earlier after fights, letting you crack on with the rest of your run.
- Status effects are not applied if the character is invulnerable, this should make the game feel more fair.
- If the hero becomes trapped, they won't receive 2x damage. This will still happen to enemies, so use those traps when you unlock them!
- Swarm enemies no longer insta stun the hero, they will still slow him though.
- New hero Trapped animation, so you know what is going on more clearly.
- Dropped Mines do more damage based on your resourcefulness level.
- Slightly sped up text animation.

Charms are now revisited to make sure that they are more evenly balanced and generally more useful. Every charm should be exciting to find and use:
- Aggressor's Charm: Buff - Recover health back in 2 hits, not 5.
- Defender's Charm: Slight Nerf - Recover health in 2 seconds, not 1.
- Jester's Charm: Buff: Stronger reload strength and duration
- Prospector's Charm and Seer's Charm: Buffed - significantly increased find rate
- Gunslinger's Charm: Buff - higher general reload adjustment
- Barman's Charm: Buff - 50% Additional health recovery from item consumption
- Visuals and Performance
- By revisiting our rendering tech, and our in game assets, we've streamlined the title, making it both prettier, and smoother!
- New Post Effect pipeline, faster, and with a smoother finish!
- Optimised art assets, meaning smaller package, lower memory overhead and better performance!
- Disabled additional effects when culling such as torches for a performance boost

- Hero can no longer punch or kick enemies through walls
- Camera is more stable
- Panel elements no longer overlap button prompts on pickups
- If you had previously missed out on the trophies associated with defeating the preacher or injustice - these will now be retroactively awarded. (#1519)
- Creeping gold doesn't trap you in place on hurting you - thanks for your feedback!
- Fixed the 'can't pick up health potion' bug.
- Outlaws no longer get stuck in tantrum mode
- Decoy ability no longer trips up hero movement
- Reduced frequency of game saving for no good reason
- Can no longer dive through righteous souls

- Korean and Simplified Chinese now supported (#1481)
- Polish Localisation fixes (#1492, #1478)
- German Localisation fixes
- Italian Localisation fixes

Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated ( ⇒ 01 July 2020.
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Changelog for v. 0.10.0 - Patch 3 - Wayfarin (no date / added 17 September 2020):

Hey Outaws!

Here comes another big one, we've been listening, watching and counting (through the magic of analytics) as you've all played, and have made a patch that focuses on Balance, Tuning and a few 'High Demand' features.

Balance Improvements
- We've looked at the entire balance of West of Dead, from top to bottom, and have implemented a lot of changes to smooth out difficulty spikes and generally allow a more steady sense of progression.

Overall Balance:
- Enemy health scaling with level difficulty has been reduced, to make them feel less 'tanky' later on.
- "Hard-Path" Levels (The Bayou, Canyon, Graveyard, War) have their enemy difficulty slightly reduced, but still higher than the "Easy-Path"

Level Redesigns:
- New Level Layouts - Some more maze-like, others more uniform, from now on, players will (in some levels) be able to better find the exit, or choose to explore more.
- Levels now have extra loot, hidden behind unlockable obstacles.
- Rooms have more cover, and fewer columns generally. Making late-game gunfight more in your favour.

Enemy Balance:
We've looked into lots of specific enemy behaviour, and have tweaked and improved them so that enemies are dangerous as a team, not because of particularly obnoxious 'star players'.
- Endless Rifleman: Reduced their health and attack frequency. (Making these an introduction to the mechanics, not deadly assassins in level 1)
- Keelut (Dogs): Reduced health and damage, as well as fewer of them in the Farm. (We want these to feel like nuisance fodder enemies, not hounds bent on your destruction)
- Endless Shotgun: Movement speed increased, Damage vs cover increased, Range increased. (These were under-performing, so we gave them a slight edge)
- Camazotz (Flying Melee): Base health reduced, Correct balancing set (Were under-powered, so balanced their stats)
- Broken Shotgunner: Melee replaced with Point-Blank Shotgun (nasty), Rarer
- Broken Stalker: Rarer
- Broken Grenadier: Rarer
- Legion (Mines): Rarer
- Legion (Graveyard): Now attacks twice consecutively.
- Bloat (exploding enemy): More fragile, Rarer
- Dakwa (Cover-Smasher): Rarer
- Cultist (Flank and Teleport): Rarer
- Preacher Bosses (and Stand-Ins): Health increased, Immune to light, Drop more sin. (These boss encounters seemed to be breezed through, so we've toughened them up, but they also give more reward)
- Rune Bosses: Health increased (except for Wendigo)
- Outlaw: Immune to light
- Preacher-replacements - health/loadout now matches the Preacher's

Specific Level work:
- The War (DLC): Artillery Bombardment added

Targeting, Pass III:
We've done a couple of things to complete the Targeting re-design roll out:
- New Targeting applied to Abilities Abilities now target enemies in a way that is more consistent with firearms, whether you are throwing an axe, spear or teleporting, you should be able to choose your target with more confidence.
- Targeting Assist Settings. This was a hotly requested feature, and depending on whether you want to play as a twin-stick 'purist' or have the game do more of the aiming for you to let you concentrate on tactics, we have a setting for you, even 'off'.

Quality of Life:
- Remnants are dropped from specific enemies (previously they were random) - this will let you hunt down those missing, exciting weapons.
- Throwing axes hit more often (bigger hitbox)
- Level name is displayed in the map
- Objects appear in the map from further away
- Narrator only says the Barman has something to say when the Barman has something important to say
- Options menu slight redesign to prevent text overlap
- Fonts working with Polish

Bug Fixes:
- Level Generation has better joining corridors in levels that ascend or descend
- Mismatching Shaman ("Witch Woman") line is removed
- Animation fix from trapped into crouch
- Enemy traps animate again
- Hero no longer knocked back when trapped
- Swarm' enemy no longer causes stun damage

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Changelog for Hot Fix - (no date / added 17 September 2020):

- Fixed an issue where player would get stuck on level The Town after using the fall rune to get down to a room, but player could not get back up again.
- Fixed an graphical issue on the pause menu map

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Changelog for Wayfarin Stranger Hotfix (no date / added 17 September 2020):

Patch notes:
- Fix for punch rune not being able to break door to canyon level
- Fix for endless falling issue that could occur when spawning in on The Hunt level

Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated ( ⇒ 17 September 2020.