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Good news!

Our first patch is already live for Windows, macOS & Linux, and that's in large part thanks to YOU. How come? That's because a big chunk of all the changes was based on your feedback! That's right, you helped us make the game better. Isn't that awesome?

Here's what we changed. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!
(We can’t avoid them due to the nature of the game.)

Are you ready?

Are you sure you want to see them?

Last chance…

Okay, here we go:
- Improved the conditions to unlock the grandfather's tribe.
- Fixed the dialogue line when going to look for Daniel.
- Fixed Anya's goodbye when she's antagonized toward the player.
- Transformation descriptions now appear also when calling the NEW_FORM() function.
- Edited the banner hanging scene.
- Edited the unicorn conversation.
- Increased the chance for Bartek to die during the hunt.
- Fixed the amount of Rage gained during the conversation with Olga.
- Fixed the function to calculate Honor.
- Various punctuation fixes.
- Edited the conversations about Kornel's former pack.
- Removed the unnecessary display of Rage during the visions.

Your opinion matters, so make sure to leave your review. Who knows, maybe one day you'll see a change that you suggested or inspired?

See you next time, wolves!
Post edited October 30, 2020 by adderam
Fixed: " Your opinion here doesn't matter, so make sure to leave your review on Steam. "
Now that's logical.

EDIT: ha, dev' removed "on Steam"
Post edited November 17, 2020 by ERISS
Where the OST at?

Edit: Asked them and they said: "No plans for the OST for now, but who knows :)"
Post edited November 17, 2020 by Swissy88