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The lastest update (November 21) has literally broken the game. At least for me. The npc's never leave their alerted state. They now know where I am at all times wether or not I use stealth, arrows, basically anything. They congregate below me if I'm on a roof or in a water tower and they never return to their pre-alert stage.

This occurs even if I'm not seen, run to the opposite side of the map, hide above them, hide below them under a trap door. It's all the same. It's now broken and just plain pathetic.

Once congregated below me while I'm on a roof they follow me as I stealth across the roof although they can't see or hear me. They are now like magnets. The alert status never ends. What fun is this ?

I've verified the game files numerous times to no avail. It's hard to believe I'm the only one who has noticed this since the new update. The game is now unplayable.